Saturday, July 31, 2004


Man, I'm feeling real sleepy now but I don't want to sleep. I wanna play a bit more Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes. If you're a gamer you'll know that MGSTS is a Gamecube console game and I don't have a Gamecube. This Gamecube that I'm using to play MGSTS is my sister's boyfriend's and I feel bad about borrowing it for long so I want to quickly finish the game and continue with my Final Fantasy X-2.

Yeah! It's finally the weekend! I can relax, sleep and play a bit more. =) I like the weekend like everyone else but I really hate Sunday nights. Because when it's Sunday night, I start getting the Monday blues and dreading how I have to get up and go to school the next day. But when it's Monday morning itself, I feel fine. So it's funny how I only the Monday blues on Sunday night but never on Monday itself.

2 Pasar Malams(Night Makets) have opened in Ang Mo Kio and at Bishan near the Salvation Army Central Corp building. What I really need to try and get are the pirated PS2 games. It seems like all the pirates have been raided or run away because there are hardly anymore pirated games shops anyway. =( I need to some games because I haven't gotten any games for a long time.

Man, I'm really sleep now. I wanna blog more but my eyes won't let me. So it's time to go.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

A Long Day

Man. It's been a long day. Well, not really. I only had 4 hours of lessons but it sure felt long. What's more, I ended at 6pm because on Wednesdays I have my stupid Java programming classes. Well, It's 6:25pm right now and I'm in still in the classroom because I'm feeling a bit lazy to pack up and leave. So I thought why not blog a bit.

Today I was late for my Internet Computing lecture because I was too busy fighting Psycho Mantis last night and I thought I was going to get marked absent again. Fortunately, my class always has this habit of helping others mark their attendance on the attendance sheet. So I wasn't absent after all! And I even even know who helped me. When I asked my friend, she just told me that someone had helped mark everyone present, so I didn't ask any more. LoL~

I got a bit pissed during my programming class today because of my lousy teacher. Now because I was absent for 2 weeks, I was totally clueless today during the practical lesson and the teacher hardly helped me at all. One conversation went like this:

Teacher: "So how's it coming along?"

Me: "I don't really know, so I'm just reading the notes now."

Teacher: "Why don't you just do the getter and setter part first?"

Me: "Teacher, how ah? I not quite sure how."

Teacher: "Oh no. How are you going to continue like this?"

That's when I got irritated. Isn't it the teacher's job to help clear the student's doubts? Yet when I had one, he just brushed me off as if it was my fault. Even if it was my fault, at least he could refer me to a section in the book so I would read it up on my own and understand. In the end all I got was a shake of the head and no help at all. Total crap is what I say. No wonder so many people fail this module. I just bought the textbook today it's like 3 cm thick, it costs $33 which I think is a total waste of money.

In my experience here in poly, the thicker the book, the more useless it is. I don't know why, but it's always been like that. Haha.

Alright, I've gotta go now. The cleaning ladies are here and driving me away. Later.


I've been sleeping way too much. I fell asleep yesterday at 9pm and slept all the way until 7am this morning! That's bad. I just hate sleeping too much and too early. It's like I've wasted the whole night sleeping away instead of doing something better like playing Metal Gear Solid or blogging online. It's so much more interesting.

I've been playing Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes (MGSTS) on the Gamecube and it's such a great game. In case you don't know, MGSTS is actually a remake of the first MGS game that came out on the PS1. The graphics are way way better and they added a few more action scenes too. For anyone who hasn't play any of the Metal Gear Solid games, you're missing out! Not only is the gameplay great, the storyline too! Some might find it too complicated though.

Anyway, today our teacher went through our AVFE assignments and he said that he didn't think he saw any failures, so that's good. My entire assignment was done in a rush, so I'm just glad to be able to pass. We had to take a picture and then record sounds that are related to the picture. I took a picture of my living room with my dog, guitar, football, tv and Playstation controller and just recorded the sounds. Pretty simple huh.

Right now I'm feeling so bored. I decided to do an entry about Love and Commmitment after reading Eunice's blog a few weeks ago but I'm still working on it. Feeling lazy to do it now though. Will update it soon.

Crap, there's Java programming class tomorrow. I hate that class.


Your Heart is Red

What Color is Your Heart?
brought to you by

Ah.. This quiz got it right. That's how I view love.

"It's better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all."

And when it comes to going after love, I always say go for it! After all, even if you don't succeed, you can hold your head up high and give up without regrets for you tried your best, instead of regretting and thinking of what could have or what could have been.


You're orange. You're strong and have the reflexes of a tiger. You're overly protective, and those skills come in handy... You're a natural person, with a taste for natural foods (I mean organic, here.). Well, that's not true. ...Just food in general! You're as quick-witted as your reflexes, and sometimes painfully logical. You love wild animals and pets. (Preferably wild animals!)

You're a natural person, and a true child of Gaia. You're a stimulating, and outgoing person. You enjoy making people think, especially with your infectiously spontaneous attitude. You're a generally optomistic person, with a love for showing off all of your good traits. Although many people may see you as strung-out, or just plain weird, you're very down-to-earth and humble. You're incredibly sweet (as this color's other name!), and you care about people in general. As this color would describe, you're energetic beyond all human comprehension. You've got a knack for drawing, and you enjoy it, too. When it comes to school, you're a good listener with an even
better memory. You're studious... At least when you need to be!

What color are you? (Amazingly detailed & accurate--with pics!)
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm.. this quiz, like most others, is half correct, half incorrect. I can't draw for nuts! I still draw the same way as I did when I was back in primary 1. The statement saying that I'm studious when I need to be is quite true, because I only study the day before a test or exam! Hahaha..

Monday, July 26, 2004

On Track

Yahoo! My AVFE assignment is going on track. All I need to do now is use the school's lab computer, put the sounds together and upload it into the server. Yep. Hope nothing screws up later on when I go to school.

If I have an assignment that is coming up soon, I always start to feel this burden that I quickly need to complete it. That burden will always be hanging round the back of my head and because of that I can't really fully enjoy any activity that I do until I complete the bloody assignment. So once this assignment is done and uploaded into the server, I can rest easy. :)

I've been sleeping a lot since I got back from the US. I adapted right away to the change in time but I guess my body took a few days to recover from all the tiring travelling that I did. But it was all worth it because I'm glad that I'm back. :)

Yesterday was my church's youth day and we had to play the worship for the main service. The songs that were chosen were really nice ones and I enjoyed playing them. I know that worship isn't all about the songs, it's just that when you're an instrumentalist in the team, it's nice to be playing that you enjoy too. It's really fun playing the bass I tell you. I'd totally recommend it to anybody who wants to learn an instrument.

The thing about playing bass is that you've got to feel the groove and the beat. You know, sort of feel the music. And the bass the one that gives an extra kick to a song. If there isn't any bass, something's going to sound lacking. Next time you listen to a song on the radio or your mp3 player, listen to the bass, and you'll find out it's actually quite nice. =)

Back to the story. During worship I screwed a few times though. Partly because it was a long time since I had played in the main service and I got really nervous. I even forgot how the different transitions from song to song went even though we had just practised it the day before. LoL~ After that there was skit and another few songs that some of them performed.

My lovable girlfriend came too and I was glad she came. Why? Because I able to spend more time with her! Any time spent with her makes me glad. Except when she's grumpy. Haha. =P But even so, she's still cute when she's grumpy. Hahaha.

Alright, it's time to go to school now, so I guess I'll end this entry here. :)

Friday, July 23, 2004


Phew. I'm finally back in Singapore! Yeah! I didn't manage to do much shopping though. But it's alright since shopping isn't really my kind of thing.

Not that I'm back, reality's beginning to set in. My AVFE assignment is due on Monday! It's Friday already. I totally forgot about it! Crap. Crap. Crap. What makes it worse is that I can only do the work in the lab because I don't have the software in my computer. Dang. I'm starting to panic a bit now.

Another thing is that the application for the Final Year Projects are due next week and I haven't choosen what I'm going to do yet. Bloody crap.

I'm really going to need some help.

Monday, July 19, 2004

Some Blogging

My trip here in San Diego is going quite fine. Been going out with the relatives and all. Mostly doing shopping and eaing around. Just yesterday we went to this place called Cold Stone Creamery. It was an ice cream place and I tell you, if I had the money, I'd get a franchise and open this shop in Singapore. I gurantee it'll make money! The ice cream was totally delicious. Just take a look for yourself! I didn't finish my rocky road ice cream though. The size I ordered was too big for me.  
I was watching The Butterfly Effect 2 days ago and the DVD they rented had an alternate ending which was different from the one they showed in the cinema. The Butterfly Effect is one of the best movies I've seen and that ending really destroyed the whole movie.  So if you buy the dvd, and at the end when Ashton Kutcher watches a video and it's a video of a woman in labour, switch to the original cinematic ending. If it shows a video of a party, then you're on the right track.
I'll be travelling back to Singapore around Thursday and will be arriving early morning on Friday. I'll have to go to school once I get back because I've missed so many lessons already. Crappy. Looks like I can't take anymore leave from school.
I'm missing my lovable girlfriend again. Wonder what she's doing... Hmm..


I got this from Shianux's blog. It's really interesting and cool at the same time. 

Pg 19 of Dune

I must not fear.
Fear is the mind-killer.
Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.

Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Halfway Around The World

Phew. I'm finally in San Diego now. I had to enter into the US so that I wouldn't lose my green card. It's all because the re-entry permit, which would allow me to stay out of the US for 2 years, hasn't been approved yet.

The crappy thing is that I took more than 24 hours to get here. And it was all because of stupid electrical relay box. I'll try to make this entry short here because I'm pretty tired right now from all the travelling.

My plane was scheduled to take off from Singapore

First, there was was a delay in Changi Airport in Singapore because of a faulty electrical relay box. They tried to fix it for 3 hours and but in the end they just changed it.

The flight from Singapore to Narita was about 7 hours I think.

Our stopover was to be at Narita, Japan, but because of the delay, our plane to San Francisco had already gone, so instead we had to find another way to get to San Francisco. So now we had to fly to Honolulu, Hawaii and take another flight there to San Francisco because there were no other flights to San Francisco for the rest of the day in Japan.

So it was another 7 hour flight from Japan to Hawaii.

There was a catch about going to Honolulu though. We had to wait 5 hours for our next flight. Really crappy. So my father and I just went to eat some stuff, and then proceeded to the waiting area of our flight's gate and just sat there, slept a bit, and just waited. What else could we do?

And so from Hawaii to San Francisco it was another 6 hours I think.

So I finally reached San Francisco. But that wasn't the end of the travelling. Orginally we were supposed to arrive in the morning and then drive to San Diego at night, but because of the delays we arrived only at night which meant that we had to drive to San Diego right away. San Francisco to San Diego is very far. Crappy. It was around 750 miles I think, which is 1206 km.

The drive from San Francisco to San Diego was 10 hours.

So finally, that's how I managed to wind up where I am now, and it all took me 38 hours.

I wanted to blog more about some of the stuff that happened during my travels, but maybe I'll do that another time. I tell you, I haven't bathed since I left my house in Singapore and I'm still wearing the same clothes as well! But I don't stink. No, really, I don't. I took lots of pictures too but I'll have to find a server to upload them onto first.

I'm missing my sweet and lovable girlfriend quite a lot right now. I think she must be sleeping already. She likes to sleep a lot. Haha..

Alrighty, it's time to bathe, so I'll update again. :)

Monday, July 12, 2004

Numb Arms

My church's family today was fun but tiring. We played lots of games but I didn't participate in the lame games. Finally played some football again in a long while and it was GREAT!

Right now both my arms feel a bit funny thought. They feel really weak. And my calf muscles hurt too. Did too much sprinting and the Tug-Of-War that we played must have strained my arm muscles too.

I'd blog more about how the day went and all the stuff that happened but I'm really feeling quite tired now. Good thing the World Pool Championships have finally started and I can just stay at home and enjoy the tournament.

I want Efren Reyes to win. His playing is out of this world and his skills are just magical at times. And Franciso Bustamante too! With those powerful breaks, I wonder how come the balls haven't turned into dust yet. Yeah, it's time to cheer for my fellow countrymen!

Watch out for those 2. The other player I'm rooting for is Yang Ching Shun. He's still young, but he's already become of the best players in the world. And when he plays, he so cool that he hardly shows any emotion at all.

(Souce: Taipei World Pool Championships 2004.)

Alright, enough about pool. It's time for me to sleep now. Although there's no school for me tomorrow, (Wohooo!) my arms are getting really weak now.

Stuck at 16

My inner child is sixteen years old today

My inner child is sixteen years old!

Life's not fair! It's never been fair, but while
adults might just accept that, I know
something's gotta change. And it's gonna
change, just as soon as I become an adult and
get some power of my own.

How Old is Your Inner Child?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm.. So my inner child is 16. I think that's quite cool. Not too young, yet not quite old enough too. I remember my football skils were slightly better at 16 than they are now which is partly due to the fact that I haven't been playing as often.

So, anyone else wanna be 16 again? LoL~ I wouldn't mind for a while.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

Food And Football

For the first time in a long while, I had a day where I've got totally nothing to do at all! It's days like these that I can have some slacking time, just staying at home playing my PS2 the while day or something else.

So I just spent the day watching a movie on HBO, playing CM4 and going online for a while. Then I waited for my lovable girlfriend to come over and have dinner together! =) We wanted to eat some food from the Chomp Chomp food centre nearby, so I cycled down and bought back the food. And I ended up buying more food than I could eat!

Let me see, I bought 2 packets of Hokkien Mee, 8 pieces of chicken wings, 5 packets of sugar cane juice. All for 2 people. That's a bit of an overkill I see now. LoL~ Of course my sweet girlfriend didn't eat a lot, and just took her share of 2 chicken wings, and a packet of hokkien mee and sugar cane juice.

So that left me to finish the rest of the food, which was 1 packet of hokkien mee, 8 pieces of chicken wings and 2 packets of sugar cane juice. Needless to say I was feeling bloated afterwards. Feeling so bloated that I started to feel light headed and sleepy.

I was falling asleep on the sofa as we were watching tv and she seemed to be quite engrossed in the movie, so I fell completely asleep after a while. I felt a bit bad when I woke up later on, 30 minutes after the movie had ended. Haha.

I guess I can't eat too much or else I'll start feeling sleepy all the time. Another thing I've got to start doing instead of eating is playing football! Man.. I miss playing football so bad. I don't know when the team is going to start training again, so I've got to do something on my own or else I'll start getting out of shape. Don't want to end up fat like Diego Maradona. Haha.

So, anyone up for a game of football?

Saturday, July 10, 2004

A Dancing Chicken

Ever seen a chicken do anything you tell him to?


Then visit this site. LoL~

I came across this site from Angela's blog and it was so funny that I laughed my ass off. Try asking the chicken to show you his butt and he will!

Have fun playing with Chicky. It's 4:21am now and it's time to sleep! Nitey.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

What You Say Can, And Will Be Held Against You

I've been reading through Mr Brown's blog again, and his latest entry is so so funny! It's about stuff that people say on chatrooms and forums.

Here are few of the funniest ones I found.


( Ben174 ) : If they only realized 90% of the overtime they pay me is only cause i like staying here playing with Kazaa when the bandwidth picks up after hours.
( ChrisLMB ) : If any of my employees did that they'd be fired instantly.
( Ben174 ) : Where u work?
( ChrisLMB ) : I'm the CTO at
*** Ben174 ( Quit (Leaving)


(@AntiHeiss) friend of mine went to jail last night
(@AntiHeiss) he probably isn't getting out for a while
(%The_Coolest) y?
(+Enyo) why?
(%The_Coolest) :o
(@AntiHeiss) it was a girl cop, she was pretty cute too
(@AntiHeiss) she said anything you say can and will be held against you....he sat there for a while and said 'tits'


#202477 +(2155)- [X]
(Mootar) morons.
(Mootar) these people who live in my apartment complex are connected to my wireless
(Mootar) they must think they're super-cool hackers by breaking into my completely unsecure network
(Mootar) unfortunatly, the connection works both ways
(Mootar) long story short, they now have loads of horse porn on their computer


The AntiHeiss-Enyo-The_Coolest part was so so funny. I just laughed my ass off. Hahahaha..

Stupid Motorcyclist

Some motorcylists deserve to crash I tell you. They think just because they're driving motorcycles they can afford to cut in between cars and the cars have to make space for them. And then when they crash, they get pissed. Dumbasses.

This morning my father sent me to school and it was raining, so naturally there was a jam along Lornie Road. For those of you who don't know where Lornie Road is, it's this long stretch of road near MacRitchie Reservoir. There have always been many accidents on that road, I have been in one myself and I saw another one where the guy died in the middle of the road. And oh, he was a motorcyclist too.

Anyway, back to the story. I was sitting in front seat of the van and we were just slowly crawling along the road when all of a sudden, I heard a motorcycle honking from the side. Then I heard a crashing sound and quickly turn my head just in time to see a motorcycle lose it's balance and crash.

I was like, "What the heck?"

My father didn't know what happened also. What probably happened was that this stupid motorcylist came up along my father's blind side, and when the gap between our van and the adajcent vehicle starting becoming too narrow for him to squeeze through, he honked. Of course, no one knew he was there from the beginning and even though he honked, there wasn't enough time to make way. So he braked hard and crashed.

Then later on the motorcylist caught up with us, cut in front of our lane and started driving real slowly. At times he would look at his elbow and touch his right knee, as if he was badly injured.

What a sissy. I've fallen off my bicyle so many times and I didn't even care as long as I could continue riding.

He turned out to be an old malay man riding this quite old motorcycle. Apparently he thought it was our fault and was trying to get back at us by riding slowly in front of us. How lame was that? I mean, if was pissed with another driver, I'd just go along side him and give him a piece of my mind.

It wasn't even our fault. It was a jam for goodness sake, of course space is going to be tight. Just because you're driving a motorbike doesn't mean that all the cars have to make way for you cut between them.

After a while he gave up when we changed lanes and I looked at him as we passed and he didn't have the balls to look back, acting as if he didn't see us pass. He dared to cut in front of us and hog the road when it was so obviously his fault, but yet he didn't have the balls to look back when we passed him by.

As we continued on the way to school, I saw him riding in center of the lane rather than the sides of the lanes like most motorcyclists do. He was probably afraid of having another similiar accident happening.

It's common sense that if you have so little protection all the more you should be careful, but some reckless guys out there don't care. That's why I say some motorcylists deserve to crash so they can learn a lesson or two.

Just Follow The Yellow Brick Road

(Source: Mr Brown's blog.)

LoL~ Imagine if you lived along that road. Everyone will know what kind of fun you're having every night. Haha.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Humans For Sale

I took this survery at a website called Human For Sale. And according to their survery, I'm worth $1,864,044.00.

Of course, everybody knows that you can't put a price on a human life, but I do think that the prices the website puts up are a bit undervalued. The most expensive guy is worth $2,768,820.00. That's kinda little don't you think?

I think the minimum price for each body part should be at least ten times more than that. Yep, considering how great the human body is, that's a reasonable price. :)

Trojan Horse

School's been around for 2 weeks already but I'm in a "school mood" at all. I didn't get my normal dose of holidays this June because I was away on attachment and now I feel like just staying at home, and play my PS2 the entire day. I've finally got about to playing Final Fantasy X-2, so I want to play it more often since RPGs like that take around 60 plus hours to complete.

Anyway, this semester I'm doing the my final programming module, Object Oriented programming (OOP). However, since I failed one of my programming modules before, this semester I'm grouped with all the other students who either failed OOP before or like me have failed a programming module before.

Now, the thing about this class is that it's DEAD and sucks the life out of you. I expecting to come to the class and learn stuff so that I could quickly get this module over with. But when I arrived the first day, everyone was so dead and silent. Nobody wanted to be there. They hated this module. You could feel in the air. Everyone just wanted to get out of the class and do something else.

The mood of the class was totally depressing and after a while I too started to feel bored and just wanted to get out of the class.

Aside from OOP, the rest of my classes seem interesting enough. We did some hacking today in Systems Security which was quite fun. We just sent trojans to the other computer and after a while you could open and close the other com's cd rom, swap their mouse buttons, record their keystrokes and even shut down their computer. My classmate beside me got pissed when lots of people attacked her computer.

I had so much fun that I even looked for other people's IP address outside my class to disturb. And I shutdown a few of their computers. Haha. Real cool stuff I tell you.

Now I'm thinking of another career change, from an ass-wiper to a hacker! Haha...

Captain Hook

Look at that picture.

That guy seems pretty cool, having the scary hook and all right? Now read this article.
(I found out about this from Mr Brown's blog.)

Hamza Gets £30,000 Nurse.. to Wipe His Bum.


TERROR suspect Abu Hamza has been given new hooks on the NHS - and a £30,000-a-year nurse to wipe his backside in jail.

The Muslim extremist, who has no hands, was fitted with special £5,000 replacement hooks because it was feared his original metal ones could be used as weapons.

He is unable to clean himself as he could do himself an injury. So prison officials have hired a male nurse named Harry to perform the task.

A prison source said: "He's known as 'Dirty Harry'. This guy has got one of the worst jobs in the world. His main reason for being there is to clean Hamza's backside. Everyone's having a laugh about it. But Hamza can't be left unclean. It would be a health hazard."


When I read that last part, I totally laughed my head off. Imagine this:

Nurse Harry: "Hi, I'm Harry, and I'm here to clean your ass for you today." (smiles)

Man with Hook: "Oh ok."

Nurse Harry: "Alright, now turn around. Yes, just like that. No, a bit higher, higher. Ok, now hold it here." (Starts wiping his ass.)

Man with Hook: "Hey, be gentle."


Alright, I think you get the picture now.

I mean, that guy has to get someone to clean his ass for him or else he might hurt himself! LoL~ I guess the closest thing you can to someone kissing you ass, is for someone to clean it for you.

But hey, it pays 30,000 pounds a year. That's a lot of money!

1.00 GBP United Kingdom Pounds = 3.15751 SGD Singapore Dollars.

30,000 GBP United Kingdom Pounds = 94,740.99 SGD Singapore Dollars
(Calculated using the Currency Coverter from

That's 7895.08 Singapore dollars a month! That's way much more than what some people earn here. All just for wiping someone's ass!

Hmm.. I'm starting to think of a career change now. LoL~

Monday, July 05, 2004

Happy Bunny

kiss my ass2
congratulations. you are the kiss my ass happy
bunny. You don't care about anyone or anything.
You must be so proud

which happy bunny are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

According to the test I'm a "kiss my ass" bunny. LoL~ I don't think it's true, because I do care about people and some things.

It's only natural for people to ignore things that don't affect them, so there's this little happy bunny in everyone of us. :)

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Poke And Hide

I haven't been updating regularly because I haven't had the time. I'm online not so often as I was during my attachment, so it's back to the lousy 56K connection at home.

Anyway, here's some stuff that's quite entertaining. Go and try this out. It's a bit lame but slightly amusing. Just keep poking the little guy and see what happens.

Here's a cool game too. You have to help the guy get rid of stuff before his parents come in. There only a few levels, but it's quite a fun game.