Monday, February 28, 2005

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Tomorrow's Today's the deadline for my Final Year Project! Right now I'm having a mixed feeling of both relief and nervousness. Relief because it's finally going to be over soon, and nervous because I'm not quite there yet.

As of now, I've already uploaded my project into the server, but I just need to do some improvements to the site, and to modify the source codes a little to work on the school server. Right now I'm doing the improvements and tomorrow morning when I get to school, I'll have to change the database connection string and then see if it works in the school server. I'm just afraid that something might go wrong and I won't get it fixed by the 12 noon deadline.

So after 12 noon tomorrow, it's freedom for me. Well, actually not quite because I was suay enough for my project demo to be scheduled on Tuesday, but I'm not really bothered with presentations anymore. After doing so many in poly, I'm quite numb to it already.

I watched the Carling Cup Final just now and I think the appropriate headline for the papers tomorrow should be:

Captain Marvel Steven Gerrard inspires Chelsea to win Carling Cup

Woo hoo!

Thanks for the Carling Cup, Stevie

Haha. That's right. Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard scored the equalizer for Chelsea in 79th minute and I think I'm right in saying he inspired Chelsea because from then on, Chelsea's spirits were lifted and Liverpool never looked like winning it again.

To be honest, I wanted Liverpool to win, because while Chelsea are most likely to win the Premiership I don't want them to win any other trophy. Why? Because I don't like Chelsea. Haha.

So inspirational, he inspires even the opposition

Anyway Chelsea were the more deserving team tonight and rightly won the Carling Cup. With a little help from the inspirational Stevie G of course. =)

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Toilet Trip

I was taking a dump in the toilet yesterday night, playing Adventure Race on my handphone, when I suddenly received this message.

hi i'm desmond. want to be frenz?

Naturally I was curious to find out who this guy was and how he got my number, so I replied:

That depends. How did you manage to get this number?

i got your number from my frens fone.. sorry i took it without his permission and your permission.

Who's your friend?


Jesper? From where? I don't remember knowing anybody by that name.

last time study from amkss wan.. can intro more about you? got any stead?

Wow. This dude must be really digging me.

You have my name and I have yours. No need to intro anymore.

I was already preparing to clean my ass, but his reply came quick.

Are you li qing?

Chey.. no wonder he wants to know me so badly. But since I was bored in the toilet, I decided to play along and play hard to get.

I don't want to answer that question. Why should I?

You age is it 18 than have no bf?

I'm not sure.

Pls pls tell me

Don't want leh. I very shy wan.

Pls pls .... Me also very shy wan

Why you so desparate to know?

Than forget it lor .... Than do you u have pic?

Wow. This guy never gives up, does he?

I have a website with my pic. You want to see? You have a computer now?

Some of you who've been to Calm One's blog might see where this is going. =)

Nope .... I in camp now. Can send to my hp?

Aiyoh.. Cannot la.. I told you I shy one. I give you the address of my website okiez?
(acting cute always helps)

K k

It's .. Because my nick online is tubgirl.. Go and see okiez?

Sure. Than may i know wats your ht. And wt.

What the heck? Would you like to know my cup size as well?

I tell you another time can? I want to sleep liao. My website there got write. So you can go and see..

K k good night

Ah.. That was quite an eventful trip to the toilet.

P.S: And please, if you value your sanity, do not go to the website mentioned above. Trust me. You do not want to go in there.

Update: I just realised that the relevance of this whole entry is based on knowing what tubgirl is. So if you don't know what tubgirl is, please visit the website mentioned to find out. But I won't be held responsible for anything alright? =)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Sickness and Motivation

The weekend didn't really go well for me because I stuck at home on both Saturday and Sunday with food poisoning.

Halfway through the Everton-Man Utd game, I suddenly rushed to the toilet and without thinking, stupidly opted to puke my guts out in the sink instead of the toilet bowl. Just like her. So my sink ended up getting clogged. There was no plunger around, so I tried to fix it with my hand inside a plastic bag, but that didn't work.

The next morning I woke up with a slight fever and headache but my body was aching all over for some reason. So I just stayed home the entire day again, watching TV, blog hopping and doing everything except my project.

The Final Year Project deadline is already next Monday and everybody's panicking and rushing like crazy to get their work done. As for me, I think I've already completed 68% of my project and I'm planning to finish the rest today. But as you can see, it's almost 5pm now and that's not happening.

I just lack the motivation to do certain things. There’s a lack of drive and determination. Especially with things that I don't like doing and that have no interest in at all. Some people can find the motivation and drive to push themselves day after day, doing something that they wish they didn't have to do, and I have no idea how they can do that.

But I realize that I'm going to learn to have to adapt because that's what it's going to be like working in the future. No one likes going to work. But we all have to do it because we need the money to survive. No work means no money.

In life, everybody falls into either one of these 2 groups.

Those that work to live


those that live to work.

Unfortunately majority of us fall into the first group which is why life is so crappy. If only we liked what we were doing and got paid for it, work wouldn't be such a dreadful thing to face every Monday morning.

Man... I'm starting to get sleepy now. I think it's time to take an afternoon nap.

What about the project? Bah, I'll do it later.

Update: Always wanted to share this hiliarious link but I always forgot. So check this out.

Friday, February 18, 2005

The People Factor

Read this accurate but hiliarious article by Mr Brown.

Life is getting scary, Mummy..

Dear Mummy,

I am feeling very sad.

Today in school, Zhong Guoren — my classmate from China — beat me again, in a maths test. That boy is an unstoppable genius machine.

Last week, he beat me in sports too.

If he were not here, I would have come in first and gotten a gold. But because the Government says we must welcome foreign talents to increase our population and to improve our economy, I got a bronze instead. This sucks.

Do you feel the same way as Khia Soo? For me, I never really had any problem competing with others in my academic studies. I think you'll only start worrying that way if you're one of those competing at the top.

I've never been a top student, but if I were, I don't think I would start worrying about competition from foreign students. For me, any tough competition, just pushes me further, and if I lose to the other dude fair and square, I can simply quote William Hung and say, "I've done my best and I have no regrets at all."

Those people who start complaining about competition from foreign students are just being sore losers I feel. It's like complaing that your team got beat by Arsenal because they fielded an all-foreign team. Besides, those China students are damn hardworking so why should you complain if they beat you?

It's just the kiasu mentality showing itself.


Ever since my family left for the US, lots of people have been asking me how I've been, whether I'm doing alright, etc... especially in church where my parents used to be the pastors. Almost every sunday, somebody will see me, call my name out in delight and start asking me the usual questions.

At first it was quite nice having someone ask about you but after a while it started to get a little annoying having to answer the same questions over and over again. Perhaps to them I'm a tangible link that reminds them of my parents whenever they see me.

The question they always like to ask and I don't like to answer is, "So do you miss your family?"

That's because my answer to that is "No". But of course it's one of those questions where you're expected to say "Yes", so I just reply "not really" with a smile and then quickly change the topic by saying that I miss my dog the most.

I'm not really close to my family. I'm not sure how it got that way, but I don't blame anyone, least of all my parents. Perhaps it had something to do with their job.

Being a pastor means becoming the spiritual parents of the whole church as well, so you can't possibly expect them to handle both equally, and when the two clash, God's work always comes first. I've seen what my parents have done for the church and how much they have touched people's lives. So in a way my loss has been worth it because so much more have gained. =)

I've seen what it's like being a pastor and I can truly say that it's one of the toughest jobs in the world. Why? Because you're dealing with people. And when you've dealt with people long enough, you start to see all their worst traits. All the lies, back stabbing, hypocrisy, narrow-mindedness, selfishness and judgementality that people have and are capable of.

Imagine helping someone in need and then having that exact same person spread lies behind your back not long after. If this was the real world, you wouldn't be surprised, but these things are going on inside the church!

I'm sure you've heard this phrase before, "I believe in God, it's just His people I can't stand."

Now I know why you need divine calling and guidance to become a pastor.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

So You Want To Be A Soldier?

It's Wednesday! For some reason, I seem to like Wednesdays. Maybe because I feel it marks the turning point in the week that the weekend is finally coming.

Like usual, I'm supposed to be doing my darn Final Year Project which is due on February 28, but I'm procrastinating by blogging and blog-hopping.

And I came across Deus Ex Machina via Singabloodypore.

National Service is a miserable failure (click to read the whole post)

I realise that this is my second post about this topic but it is a great source of interesting material. The last week was quite a reflective one too. You know how the government always says that NS will instil patriotism, right? Well, it has failed terribly. Before NS, I actually used to like Singapore. Our standard of living is decent; the education system actually suits me etc. This has totally changed within 3 weeks of serving the country.

It's quite foolish to think that NS will instil patriotism. It all comes down to whether you enjoy the experience or not. The majority of my squadmates and me pretty much hate it. It's a freaking waste of time. Sure, shooting and Law lessons are fun as hell, but I will rather not go for it at all, my freedom is too valuable. Think about it: If a man comes into your house and slaps you a few times, then tells you that the slapping will make you like him, will you call bullshit on him? It's the same concept; no one will like a country more when said country is forcing him to do things he doesn't like to. The country becomes associated with suffering, loss of freedom and oppression. Definitely not good for making patriots.

In NS, I met the first true patriot in my life.

He also has another post that talks about his NS experience.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not agreeing with his views nor am I disagreeing with them. I'm in no position to do that because:

1) I haven't done National Service
2) I'm not eligible for National Service.

The thing is, I've always been curious how NS is like as well as how the people who have gone through it perceive it to be. And since I'll never know (not that I want try, just being curious) first hand how it's like, I've always been interested in the views of the people who have gone through it.

Sometimes my older friends talk about their army stories when we meet up. I listen to all the good, funny memories they had and it seems like NS isn't such a bad thing after all. But when I ask a few of them if they would voluntarily serve their NS given a choice, and most of them answer no. They say that 2.5 years of your life is too much time wasted serving the government.

And now that my friends my age are going to go in for their NS soon, I can tell that they're dreading it.

"Eh, you got your letter already or not?"

"No la. I'm not eligible for NS what."

"CB, you damn lucky sia."

I heard from my dad, that in the Philippines they don't have National Service, but in high school when around 16, it is compulsory for the men (or should we call them boys) to attend a basic military course called ROTC. (Don't ask me what it stands for. I don't know.) If I remember correctly the whole course lasts for 6 months. But the good thing about it is that it's held during the weekends so there's no need to forgo your freedom during the week. I guess that's their version of Basic Military Training (BMT).

Maybe having a system like this to replace NS in Singapore might work for the part in equipping every man with the skills to be a soldier, but then an important question remains, will enough people volunteer for the army? Will there be enough people willing to defend this country? I think the obvious answer is no. Becoming a full time soldier isn't exactly a dream job over here, nor does the salary make it one either. And the academic qualifications that the average guy has certainly are enough for him to get a decent job, so why risk your life and your body?

Well, these are just some of my views. So what do you guys out there think about National Service? Of course all the ladies are more than welcome to comment as well. =)

Time to go for my sushi buffet now! Crap. I haven't done any work.

Monday, February 14, 2005

The Day Of St Valentine

It's Valentine's Day!

The day to celebrate love. At least that's what the advertisers out there say. In my opinion, and I know it sounds clichéd but, love should be celebrated everyday. Why wait until the 14th of February to let your special know how much you appreciate her/him? For me, I think the song by Ronan Keating sums up how we should be treating the special people in our loves.

If tomorrow never comes
Will she know how much I loved her
Did I try in every way to show her every day
That she's my only one
And if my time on earth were through
And she must face this world without me
Is the love I gave her in the past
Gonna be enough to last
If tomorrow never comes

If tomorrow never came, would the person you love know how much you loved her/him? Or will you be left regretting that you didn't die on February the 15th instead?

Anyway, how was my Valentine's Day? Well, I didn't go out with my super lovable girlfriend. I spent the afternoon doing my Inventory Management project and then I went home. I know it's Valentine's Day but when I wanted to meet my girlfriend today she said that she was going out with her friends and we could always go another day. My girlfriend's the practical kind of person, so Valentine's Day isn't that important to her. She also told me not to buy her flowers because she said it was a waste of money. Better to spend it on her in other ways. And she way she said it, I could tell it was the I don't want-and I really don't want meaning, rather than the I don't want-but I secretly want double meaning.

Well, since I can't blog about my Valentine's Day, I guess I'll just post up how Valentine's Day supposedly began, courtesy of Finicky Feline.

One legend contends that Valentine was a priest who served during the third century in Rome. When Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, he outlawed marriage for young men -- his crop of potential soldiers. Valentine, realizing the injustice of the decree, defied Claudius and continued to perform marriages for young lovers in secret. When Valentine's actions were discovered, Claudius ordered that he be put to death.

According to one legend, Valentine actually sent the first 'valentine' greeting himself. While in prison, it is believed that Valentine fell in love with a young girl -- who may have been his jailor's daughter -- who visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed 'From your Valentine,' an expression that is still in use today. Although the truth behind the Valentine legends is murky, the stories certainly emphasize his appeal as a sympathetic, heroic, and, most importantly, romantic figure. It's no surprise that by the Middle Ages, Valentine was one of the most popular saints in England and France.

Hope you had a Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Happy New Year Of The Cock

I know I'm a bit late but, Happy Lunar New Year!

I've been enjoying the past few holidays with my super lovable girlfriend and her family. And in my first experience playing for money at Dai Dee, I'm glad that I didn't do too badly. I managed to make a 125% profit. =)

It was quite a bummer having to go to school today(Friday) having enjoyed myself the past 3 days. I didn't have much of a choice but to go since I've already used up my all my "available leave" for my Friday morning classes (8am somemore. Bloody crap). Because of that, I'm currently suffering from lack of sleep as I haven't had enough time to recover from the long hours of card playing the nights before. Well at least my back doesn't hurt anymore.

So how did your New Year celebrations go? I hope you managed to win some money like I did. :)

P.S - For some bloody reason, the side menu on the right keeps getting pushed down despite my adjustments. I'm trying to fix it, so if you can't see it, do let me know.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Alley Cat

I was listening to the radio like I usually do on the way to school when this song started playing. I actually heard it a few times and I thought it was a pretty good song. Nice beat, melody and all. Then, I listened to the lyrics and realized that it was actually a crap song. The song I'm talking about is Ashlee Simpson's La La and the lyrics go something like this:

You make me wanna la la
in the kitchen on the floor
I'll be your french maid
When I'll meet you at the door
I'm like an alley cat
Drink the milk up I want more
You make me wanna
You make me wanna scream

That's it. That's the 85% of the song. It's just repeated over and over again. I have to say that Ashlee Simpson is pretty cute but the lyrics are as dumb as her sister. I mean, what's up with being my french maid and an alley cat? If you want milk I can just give you some. There's no need to be an alley cat.

Also, what in world does LA LA mean?

Talent Level: LA LA

Is it a place, an emotion, an action? What is it you do that is done on the kitchen floor and makes you want go Meow~ ?

If you ask me, this is just another song by a manufactured product of the record companies. One where the artiste has no talent at all but is chosen because of his or, most of the time, her marketability. Yes, I do admit that one has to be marketable to survive in an industry as tough as the music industry but please, at least choose someone with talent and make the lyrics of their songs intelligent.

Like Sylvester Sim.

Mmm~ Digging my nose tastes good..

Although he can't sing for nuts, at least he has talent in combining the use of his index finger, tongue and one eye. Can Ashlee Simpson and Taufik Batisah do that or not?

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Weird People

I was looking through my Friendster account yesterday when I came across this guy's profile.

Once again, I shall let the pictures speak for themselves.

Here's part of his description:
With those soulful and oh-so expressive eyes, unmistakable charm, the talent to project well for the cameras and ability to alter his very looks, a dirty ass, voluptuous man-breasts, and a penchant for soiling himself at just the right moment, this fat fuck is the epitome of today's male model ideal. So if you're wondering who the hot Brazilian smoldering in the Versace ads was, then check out Mr. ManTits on the side of the nearest city bus gliding past you. Still flying at the highest editorial levels, FatMaleModel is a current must-have.

I think I've found his girlfriend too.

There's just a lot of weird people out there in cyberspace. Man.. Did you see the tongue in that one? After looking at that, I just can't blog anymore. I'm traumatised now.

Note: I'm not making fun of fat people nor have I got anything against them. You can tell by these pictures that these people want to be laughed at, so I'm just helping them do that. =)

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Bloody crap. I went to school today for my 9am class only to discover that there's no Inventory Management class. And to think I even made the extra effort to come on time today because I always come late for this class. The announcement that there was no tutorial today was actually in the email but I didn't check. So it's my bad this time. But at least I wasn't the only who didn't know because around 4 people from my class didn't read their email also.

Oh yeah, I've got something I want to say. But I'll let the pictures do the talking instead.

Yeah! Now we know which is the better team in the Premiership. Just last year people were talking about how good Arsenal was and all that crap but I've always said that they aren't as good as Manchester United. Sure, they do play good and flowing football but Arsenal don't know how to play hard and win ugly when it comes down to it. What's the use of playing nice and flowing football if you don't win the game? Arsenal are constantly guilty of overplaying. Great teams win trophies, and despite their 49 game unbeaten run, they only won 1 trophy. It pales in comparison to the treble of Man Utd in 1999 and the Liverpool team in the 80s.

If you watched the match, whenever Arsenal took the lead, they didn't capitalize on their lead by defending and making Man Utd chase the lead. Instead they choose to allow Man Utd to come back into the game. And once Man Utd did just that, they made Arsenal chase the game and even when they were down to 10 men, they defended resolutely.

At the end of the day, the better team won. No doubt about that. But you've just got to love the last picture. Henry's expression just summarises up the whole Arsenal team. Go and and cry... I understand it's hard getting your ass kicked in your own home. Haha.

Finally my Final Year Project is making some progress! I've found someone who's able to help me in my project as she's done a very similar project before. Thanks a lot. :)

Diskhub is finally back online, but they lost all my images that I stored in their server. That's why some of the pictures on my page are now gone. Dang it. Now I have to upload them all again and fix the links in those entries. I've switched to Imageshack now. Hopefully their servers won't crash like Diskhub did.

It's 11am now and I'm starting to get hungry but lunch will come later on during our E Commerce Interface Design class, which is from 1 to 4pm, when we sneak out to eat our lunch before coming back 45 minutes later. Haha. =)