Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Best Medicine

I've more or less recovered from the fever that has been bothering me for the past few days. And it's all thanks to my super lovable girlfriend!

She gave me a surprise visit on Monday while I was resting at home. And I felt better instantly as soon as I saw her. I was just really glad to see my super lovable girlfriend and spend some time with her.

At times, the best medicine is just some tender loving care. =)

Sunday, June 26, 2005

3 Degress Above 37

Yesterday I finally worked at my banquet job for the first time. It was a wedding dinner, Chinese style. I thought that it would be an easy job, but I had no idea what I was in for.

For the first time in my entire life, I stood for 6 hours straight and had the most excruciating pain in my lower back I'll ever have. And after the function when we started to clear the chairs, I was literally about to faint. Looking back, it was most likely because I didn't eat anything before work and I hardly drank any water that day.

It was a good experience I must say, learning how to portion the food and carry the big trays. I still suck at it though. I too so long to portion the food that my other team member had to come and help me. It was embarrassing, but well, sometimes you've got to learn the hard way.

When I got home though, I felt sick. And when I woke this morning, I could tell that I was down with flu. My throat was sore and I had both a terrible headache and a fever. I immediately took some Panadol once I was able to move.

After taking some Panadol, I contemplated going to play a football match for this church team that was in an inter-church league. I thought since it was the last game and I feeling slightly better, I'd go because we really needed to win today to qualify for the quarter finals.

We eventually won 4-1, but I was really pissed because at half-time the captain told me he'll substitute me with himself after 10 minutes, but when 10 minutes had passed, I was still standing at the touchline waiting to go in. 15 minutes went by, still nothing was happening. Then after 20 minutes he finally scored a goal (he was playing striker and I was to replace him in that position) and then I was substituted in after another 5 minutes.

Now I would gladly do anything that would help the team win, because that's what being a team player means, but what I don't like is that I was promised one thing, but it was never fulfilled. Besides, his continuing to play on didn't have anything to do with tactics at all. It wasn't like he was leading the attack or anything like that. I felt that he was playing longer just because he wanted to score a goal first. So you could see that why I got pissed because I was set aside not for tactical or team reasons but for a personal reason.

Anyway, moving on, I went home after the game because I felt my flu coming back. And boy did it come back hard. After I got home, I started to have a 40 degree fever. As I lay in bed trying to watch Gundam Seed Destiny, my eyes started to hurt and it was as if there was some little creature inside pounding the walls of my head. It got so bad that I went to get take another dose of Panadol and a wet towel to put on my forehead.

To tell the truth, I was a bit worried about getting some brain damage because back in primary 6, the guy seating beside me suddenly had a 40 degree fever and after that he never came back to school. The last thing I heard about him was that he had suffered some brain damage due to the high fever and became slightly retarded. It was really sad thing because he was a really good student. I used to ask if I could copy his homework all the time and he was kind enough to let me.

So that's how my day has gone up till now. It's funny because I usually don't describe how my days go with such detail, but as I sit in bed with my laptop typing this, that's what I started to do.

Well, at least I'm blogging coherently which means my brain is still working fine. And I'm getting hungry which means my stomach is working perfectly also.

I tagged by Lyn to do answer this question.

So, what is the one spark in the midst of darkness? What is the one thing that made you smile today?

For me, it's simple. After being sick and in pain the whole day, it was when my super lovable girlfriend told me just before she went to bed to, "Take care and rest well". Those few words from her were enough to make my day. =)

I'm not going to be passing this tag to anyone because I can't think of anyone to pass it too. But if you feel like doing it, then you're more than welcome to.

Alright. Time to get some rest now. Later.

Friday, June 24, 2005

It's Game 7 in 11!

I've always wanted to blog about how crappy it is living with people you don't want to and now I finally have a chance.

Ever since my parents left, I've been living with my uncle, auntie and their son but recently more people came to live as well. First, my uncle's sister and husband moved in. I didn't really like it, but I guess it couldn't be helped because she came to stay as she was undergoing chemotherapy and there was someone here to take care of her as we have a maid at home.

Then soon after that, my uncle's grandmother, and his sister's 3 children came for a holiday. So I had to sleep in the living room for that duration. At first I didn't mind because I thought it was only going to be a while, but then a few days later, I found out they were going to be staying an entire month! Bloody hell, my ass was already starting to ache from sleeping on the floor after the first night. So at that time, there was a record number of 11 people living in this house. Talk about overcrowding.

It was a good thing I left for my US trip after 2 weeks after they arrived or else my ass would have been permanently numb. When I came back, my uncle's sister, husband and youngest daughter were still here, but at least I got my room back. And that's how it's been ever since I got back.

The reason I'm blogging about all of this right now is because I'm missing the NBA finals. And it's all because the little girl is watching tv and eating right now. Bloody hell. If it was Game 1 or 2, I wouldn't mind missing it, but it's bloody Game 7! There hasn't been a Game 7 in 11 years! And the way the Pistons are playing, it could be anybody's game even though they're playing at San Antonio.

So all I can do now is miserably check the live score on online and watch numbers instead as the game goes by.

Shooting over the Wallaces

The little girl has gotten herself into some trouble and they've gone back to the room. Hahahaha. FINALLY I can watch some basketball. Go San Antonio!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tranced By Techno

I logged onto my Friendster profile and happened to see this:

Popular searches in my network

1. how to spike your hair
2. cute japanese ladies
3. clubbing clothes
4. 强奸美女图片
5. all about kissing
6. horney nurses
7. mazda RX-9
8. 胸走光
9. 姐姐教弟弟做爱
10. true love quiz

Come on.. if you're looking for something, at least make sure your spelling is correct. "Horney nurses"? You'll probably end up with nurses having horns as your result. The rest of the searches are just as weird. As if anybody would provide instructions on how to spike your hair or tell you what clothes to buy for clubbing in Friendster.

I've just realised in the past few days that I'm starting to like techno and trance music. Bloody hell. I've always hated those genres because I thought they were monotonous, repetitive, lacking in musical value and damn ah beng.

It all started because yesterday I went to play pool at a place that was playing trance and techno music all the way. Now all the beat and melodies of the songs are stuck in my head. This morning I even found myself unknowingly humming some techno beat.

Quoting Donavon in the previous post,


I don't want to turn into an ah beng techno listener.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Massage Practice

A conversation with my friend Donavon on MSN.

Suicide is painless.. says:
got this msg on friendster

Suicide is painless.. says:
I seeking a guy who can let me practise massage.
U got a nice body to work on. Keen? Pay u hourly


Suicide is painless.. says:

Suicide is painless.. says:

Zen|th says:

tell him..

Zen|th says:
"Okay. I accept your offer. But will my asshole ache after the sessions?"

Zen|th says:

Suicide is painless.. says:

Suicide is painless.. says:

Suicide is painless.. says:


Don't you just want to give him a massage?

Update: Donavon's response:
"wow i get that question alot. but i'm straight. i love women more than anything else. =)"

My good friend, you've just ruined some poor guy's fantasy.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Sushi Service

Yesterday my super lovable girlfriend, her brother and I went to Sakae Sushi for our monthly sushi buffet. I don't remember when we started going every month, but the first time my super lovable girlfriend and I went, we enjoyed eating the sushi so much that we decided to have the buffet again next time. And so that's probably how we got started.

Anyway, the place we usually would go would be the Sakae Sushi at Junction 8 but this time we decided to go the one at Wheelock Place. We only went to Wheelock once before and during that time the computer for making orders at our table was spoilt.

This time when we got there the place was filled and the manager informed us that only the counter seats were left. We could either wait until one of those cubicle seats became available or choose to take the counter seats. We asked him if we could sit at the counter seats and then move to the cubicle seats when it became available. He said sure thing and so we sat on the counter seats side by side. However, I had a feeling that he would forget and I was right. Around 15 minutes later, a couple arrived and they were immediately ushered inside.

I was really irritated because the manager gave us his word but he didn't keep it. Alright, perhaps he forgot, but since when has forgetfulness been an acceptable excuse for slipping up at work? I actually reminded another waiter that his manager said we could switch seats when they became available and he said that would tell us when the seats became available, but he never came back.

Then later on when we made an order, it was only after 25 minutes and reminding a waitress of it, that the order finally came. I understand that the place was fully occupied that day, but come on, 25 minutes in the FNB industry is just too long. If anything, it just shows that the restaurant is inefficient and unable to cope when there's a full house.

But the part that ticked me off the most was towards the end when we all were just sitting there and having a conversation and the same irritating manager comes back. I was holding my drink which was half filled and this is what he says.

"Hi sir, the sushi buffet is now over. Kindly please pay at the counter."


Then he took the order slip from the back of my seat.

"Sir, your orders have been 3 student buffets and 2 orders of drinks. Kindly please pay at the counter."

I immediately replied, "Alright, but can I finish my drink first?" and pointed to the cup I was holding.

"Ok." Then he went off.

Bloody hell. I don't care what reputation your restaurant has or how good the food is, but if you start chasing out customers like that, your restaurant sucks big time. First of all, by that that time there was already plenty of seats around for other customers so there wasn't any need for seats. Secondly, when I looked at the counter, there were about 8 people in line. I wasn't about to throw away my drink which I had paid for and wait in line for probably another 25 minutes knowing how inefficiently the place was run. Lastly, I wasn't even finished and already was being asked to pay.

I really wonder how he became a manager with such poor customer service skills and a low level of intelligence. He reminds me a lot of Fat Fingers' boss. Haha. With people like these, no wonder everybody says that Singapore's level of customer service cannot make it. Initially, I didn't believe that because I received good customer service before, from nice people like the cute girl at Starbucks, KFC and Golden Village.

But after this experience, I believe now that Singapore's customer service really cannot make it.

Well, maybe until the next time I visit Starbucks.

Friday, June 10, 2005


I think I'm having a blogging burnout. I don't think it will last for long though. Just don't feel like blogging nowadays.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Back In The Island

I'm finally back in Singapore! =) And am I glad to be back. I arrived around 2am on Sunday morning. And the first thing I did later that morning was to see my super lovable girlfriend! I have yet to pass her all the clothes I bought her though. Haha.

I'm still a bit jetlagged but I'm slowly adjusting. At times I feel sleepy in the afternoons and around 11pm.

This is just a short entry because I'm not really in the blogging mood right now. I've got a recommedation though. There's this cool program called Objectdock. It adds icons on your desktop like the ones on the MAC OS where it scrolls and becomes bigger when you do a mouse over over it.

Pretty cool.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Shopping And Beautiful Women

It's finally my last week here. I enjoyed myself here but I can't wait to get back.

Yesterday I went shopping with my family. I've never loved shopping. It's funny how I can run in a football match for 90 minutes but whenever I start shopping, my legs start to ache and I have to sit down every 15 minutes.

This time I was shopping for clothes for my super lovable girlfriend. And for the first time in my life, I actually enjoyed shopping. What made it even more extraordinary was that I was in the women's section for almost the whole time. Every time I saw a top or a skirt I would try and visualise her in it and ask myself if she would like it. I'm sure that a few women looked at me and wondered if I was a pervert or something, looking at denim skirts and pink tops so carefully.

When I got home, I was so tired that I immediately plonked myself into the bed and fell asleep without changing. Before you say, "That's gross", let me tell you that if there's one good thing in America aside from the food, the babes, the weather and the babes, it's that you can take a shower once every 3 days and still be fresh and clean. Really.

The amount of sweat that I've lost during my whole time here is equivalent to the amount lost when you're eating hokkien mee at Chomp Chomp or walking from the bus stop to your home. When you walk along the side walks in the afternoon, it feels like you're inside an air-conditioned building in Singapore.

Hmm.. Maybe that's another reason why people here get so fat easily. Beause they don't sweat at all.

Last night, they showed Miss Universe and I have to say, Miss Mexico is really, really, really pretty. She was the prettiest among the contestants. I'll post up a picture once the Miss Universe 2005 website is up again. Here's her picture.

I won't say who won since I heard they haven't shown it there yet but Miss Mexico was definitely prettier than her. And don't visit the Miss Universe website if you don't want to find out the winner yet because her picture is right there on the main page.

Alrighty. I'll end here. It's time for lunch.