Thursday, July 08, 2004

Stupid Motorcyclist

Some motorcylists deserve to crash I tell you. They think just because they're driving motorcycles they can afford to cut in between cars and the cars have to make space for them. And then when they crash, they get pissed. Dumbasses.

This morning my father sent me to school and it was raining, so naturally there was a jam along Lornie Road. For those of you who don't know where Lornie Road is, it's this long stretch of road near MacRitchie Reservoir. There have always been many accidents on that road, I have been in one myself and I saw another one where the guy died in the middle of the road. And oh, he was a motorcyclist too.

Anyway, back to the story. I was sitting in front seat of the van and we were just slowly crawling along the road when all of a sudden, I heard a motorcycle honking from the side. Then I heard a crashing sound and quickly turn my head just in time to see a motorcycle lose it's balance and crash.

I was like, "What the heck?"

My father didn't know what happened also. What probably happened was that this stupid motorcylist came up along my father's blind side, and when the gap between our van and the adajcent vehicle starting becoming too narrow for him to squeeze through, he honked. Of course, no one knew he was there from the beginning and even though he honked, there wasn't enough time to make way. So he braked hard and crashed.

Then later on the motorcylist caught up with us, cut in front of our lane and started driving real slowly. At times he would look at his elbow and touch his right knee, as if he was badly injured.

What a sissy. I've fallen off my bicyle so many times and I didn't even care as long as I could continue riding.

He turned out to be an old malay man riding this quite old motorcycle. Apparently he thought it was our fault and was trying to get back at us by riding slowly in front of us. How lame was that? I mean, if was pissed with another driver, I'd just go along side him and give him a piece of my mind.

It wasn't even our fault. It was a jam for goodness sake, of course space is going to be tight. Just because you're driving a motorbike doesn't mean that all the cars have to make way for you cut between them.

After a while he gave up when we changed lanes and I looked at him as we passed and he didn't have the balls to look back, acting as if he didn't see us pass. He dared to cut in front of us and hog the road when it was so obviously his fault, but yet he didn't have the balls to look back when we passed him by.

As we continued on the way to school, I saw him riding in center of the lane rather than the sides of the lanes like most motorcyclists do. He was probably afraid of having another similiar accident happening.

It's common sense that if you have so little protection all the more you should be careful, but some reckless guys out there don't care. That's why I say some motorcylists deserve to crash so they can learn a lesson or two.


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