Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Trojan Horse

School's been around for 2 weeks already but I'm in a "school mood" at all. I didn't get my normal dose of holidays this June because I was away on attachment and now I feel like just staying at home, and play my PS2 the entire day. I've finally got about to playing Final Fantasy X-2, so I want to play it more often since RPGs like that take around 60 plus hours to complete.

Anyway, this semester I'm doing the my final programming module, Object Oriented programming (OOP). However, since I failed one of my programming modules before, this semester I'm grouped with all the other students who either failed OOP before or like me have failed a programming module before.

Now, the thing about this class is that it's DEAD and sucks the life out of you. I expecting to come to the class and learn stuff so that I could quickly get this module over with. But when I arrived the first day, everyone was so dead and silent. Nobody wanted to be there. They hated this module. You could feel in the air. Everyone just wanted to get out of the class and do something else.

The mood of the class was totally depressing and after a while I too started to feel bored and just wanted to get out of the class.

Aside from OOP, the rest of my classes seem interesting enough. We did some hacking today in Systems Security which was quite fun. We just sent trojans to the other computer and after a while you could open and close the other com's cd rom, swap their mouse buttons, record their keystrokes and even shut down their computer. My classmate beside me got pissed when lots of people attacked her computer.

I had so much fun that I even looked for other people's IP address outside my class to disturb. And I shutdown a few of their computers. Haha. Real cool stuff I tell you.

Now I'm thinking of another career change, from an ass-wiper to a hacker! Haha...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm worth $1,942,944.00.hahaha

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