Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Progressive Rock

I'm listening to Dream Theatre right now and everytime I listen to their music closely, it makes my realise how good they are. To the layman Dream Theatre's music won't be something they'll listen to, but if you listen to their music carefully, you'll realise that progressive rock isn't something all bands can play well.

"From 1969 to 1977, progressive rock--the self-consciously complex rock music characterized by unusual time signatures, flashy virtuosity, and fantastic lyrics--dominated FM radio and rock album charts."

And you if watch Dream Theatre peform, their technique is absolutely top class. John Myung's bass skills are crazy man. His fingers go so fast and stretch so wide. If only I had the Sharingan then could copy all his moves. Their drummer Mike Portnoy is also another crazy dude. Haha. If I'm not wrong he was once voted as the best contemporary drummer.

Right now I just don't feel like doing any work at all. Just not in the mood. So I'm just surfing around, blogging as usual. I think I'm starting to get short sighted. Whenever I look into the distance, it's blur but after a while everything becomes clear. I don't wanna wear spectacles, so I'd better start taking of my eyes.

Pipsoh is back online again! It was down a while ago. So now I've something to do! My highest score so far is 778.


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