Monday, June 21, 2004

This Day

I'm watching Spain Vs Portugal now. I don't really mind who wins, just as long as the match is exciting like the Holland-Czech Republic match yesterday.

Today was Fathers' Day and my youth group had to present something at church. The only thing I had to do was to answer the question, "What Is A Father To You?" and then say something that will relate to my own father. It went quite alright actually. In poly we do so many class presentations that after a while public speaking gets easier each time.

After that we went to Funan Centre to walk around a bit with my 2 friends, Reuel and Chester. Chester is the crazy one among the both of them siblings and he's the one always doing stupid stuff. We were inside one of the stores because I wanted to buy some blank cds. Like all computer stores, there were computers on display all around. Usually they're locked, but one computer wasn't. Then Chester had another one of his stupid ideas.

He went up to the computer, opened wordpad, and typed:


and then nonchalantly left the computer as it was. I just laughed my ass off as we quickly walked away. And when we passed by later again, we saw a young girl looking at the computer looking at the screen. She was probably wondering what the SEX MACHINE could do. LoL~

After that we went back to the church office for my father's birthday party. There were quite a number of people there and so was the food that everyone brought. We just sat around and chatted with other people from the youth group.

I came home and tried to finish up some work for tomorrow when we go and see AR again, but I fell asleep. Haha. Then I woke up around midnight, talked to my sweet girlfriend (who was sleepy sleepy again) and then finally got around to doing some work. I took about an hour to finish it.

Yep, so that's how my day went. I had nothing to write, so why not write about the day? I'll blog more about weekend tomorrow. A few weird things happened to me. LoL~ But right now, it's time for a game of football and some wasabi short sticks! =D


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