Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Singapore Pools Betting Explanation

For the sake of those who don't bet, I'll try to explain the rules here. I myself learnt of the rules from my friends, so I hope you can understand. In Singapore Pools, there are 4 different systems you can place your bet on. 1X2, 1/2 Goal, TOTAL GOALS and HT/FT(Half/Full-time Double).

DRAW 3.75

1X2 is the easiest to understand. Just bet on the end result of the match. There are 3 outcomes. In this case, it's a Russian win, a Portuegese win, or a draw.

1/2 GOAL
RUSSIA (+1½ GOALS) 1.50

1/2 Goal is quite hard to understand for some. To put it simply, it's a handicap. You can take either Portugal or Russia. In this case, before the game started, Russia has a 1.5 goal advantage over Portugal. This is because Russia are less likely to win this game. So If you take Portugal to win this game, they have win by 2 goals because of the handicap, while Russia only needs to lose by a single goal or draw because of the handicap.

If you still don't understand, just see the team which has the negative goals. That team has to win by 2 goals for it to win. So if you think that team is going to win by 2 goals, take that team. If not, take the other team. :)

0 GOAL 8.80
1 GOAL 4.50
2 GOALS 3.40
3 GOALS 3.60
4 GOALS 5.20
5 GOALS 9.00
6 GOALS 18.00
7 GOALS 38.00
8 GOALS 95.00
9+ GOALS 150.00

Total Goals is quite simple too. Just predict how many goals will be scored in the game in total, and bet on that number. The total goals is calculated by adding up the goals each side scores. If the final score is 2-1, the total goals is 3. Easy right?

H-D RUSSIA & Draw 14.00
D-H Draw & RUSSIA 10.00
D-D Draw & Draw 6.80
D-A Draw & PORTUGAL 4.30
A-D PORTUGAL & Draw 9.70

HT-FT is quite complicated to explain, but quite simple really. Just predict who will be leading at half time and at full time. The returns are harder here because more variables involved and more outcomes.

If think Portugal will be leading at half-time and leading at full-time, just take Portugal & Portugal. But if you think at half-time no one will be leading, but Portugal will still win it, take Draw & Portugal. You should be getting it by now. =)

How to calculate your winnings

The amount you win is, [(the amount you wagered) multiplied by (the odds)] minus (the amount you wagered).

In a mathematical formula form it would be :

Let the amount won be M, the amount wagered W, the odds, OD.

(W x OD) - W = M

So if I bet $10 on Russia to win and the odds of that are 5.50, my winnings will be:

[$10(wager) X 5.50(Odds)] - $10(wager) = $45(Money won)

You're actually given $55 back if you win, but the wager is actually your money right from the start, so actually you've only won $45. If you lose though, you lose your wager. So that's the whole deal simplified.

If you take the team which is more likely to win, the odds are lower so the return isn't that high. If you want bigger returns, take the other team, but it's a bigger risk.

So if you look at it, all the different outcomes, plus other different variables involved like player injuries, home ground advantage, etc.. there's no certain way of knowing who will each time. And because of that, you're more likely to lose than win.


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