Friday, June 11, 2004

Slack Day

Yay! It's another slack day for me. We don't have to meet the guy from the other company on Monday so we relax and do our work on Monday. Actually yesterday we realised that we had slacked too much and rushed everything at home. Good thing everything turned out okie and today the guy was quite satisfied with our progess so far. I'm tired of calling him "the guy" so let's called him AR instead okie?

Speaking of AR, he always makes us wait super long at the reception area before he comes. After the receptionist calls him, he'll only come out of the office not before making us wait at least 30 minutes. It got worse today when he made us wait an entire hour before coming out. He said he was in a voice conference.

I don't really mind the waiting because while waiting for him we just go to their pantry area, eat their snacks, drink some tea, chit chat and read the newspaper. And if you think of it, I'm getting paid while I'm doing all that. Haha.

So I'm in the office right now, slacking away, blogging, so I might as well blog about yesterday too.

Yesterday I went to get the Naruto cds from Della since Clarence passed them to her before he left overseas. The thing was, I didn't know where Della lived. All I knew was that she lived quite close to my place. So I asked for her address, went online to check the map, but it didn't help much.

Still, I didn't mind cause I always like having to search for places. It's quite fun actualy. Just as long as you aren't rushing for an appointment and you know your way back. The place was at Lorong Chuan so I just cycled there.

Along the way there were so many different Lorong Chuans, but good thing I found the place. And Della told me that she had watched all the way until episode 49! Yeah! Another Naruto convert. Haha. Seems like I'm getting more and more people hooked onto Naruto. She said she liked the anime and I told her that I could lend her the cds next week. I'm going to pass it to Darwin to copy the files on his computer tonight and he'll return them to me on Sunday.

After that I just cycled home. It was quite tiring cause I had to cycle uphill. And just made me realise how much my fitness has gone down. Gotta run more to increase my stamina!

Thursday nights there's always nothing to watch, and I forgot what I did already so that's how thursday went.

Wow, this is a long entry. I'm bored now. I'll go surf surf around and see if I can find anything interesting.


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