Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Uchiha Itachi

We moved back into the conference room of the office today. Yeah! My partner wanted to ask our supervisor if we could change back and he said ok, so we're back to our favourite spot. It was super cold where we were seated before, and we got soaked walking back to the office today in the rain, so if we sat there we'd be ice cubes at the end of the day.

But more importantly, it means... we can SLACK! Hahaha. Tomorrow we won't be meeting the our other supervisor at the other company so we can relax the whole of today and start doing work tomorrow. Even as I type this my partner next to me is playing Gunbound. LoL~

I just watched episode 83 of Naruto yesterday and right now my new favourite character is Uchiha Itachi. The way he fights is just so cool. Even way cooler than Kakashi. I already liked him when I heard about him from my friends who read the manga, so I was just waiting for him to appear in the anime.

(Pictures from david.anime.)

Look at those eyes. The way he uses the Sharingan is totally on another level compared to Kakashi. He killed his entire clan when he was around 16 if I'm not wrong. He killed everyone but left his younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke, alive. He later ran away from his village and became an exiled ninja. But now he's come back to get something related to the 4th Hokage. These aren't really spoilers (except the last part, small spoiler there. :P), cause once you watch the anime you'll know all these around the 6th or 7th episode, soon after Sasuke is introduced.

If you could only watch one anime in your life, Naruto is one of the few I'd recommend. It's that good.

So I'll just wait for school to re-open then I'll be able to get the latest episodes of Naruto. Tonight they'll be showing episode 87 in Japan.

Man.. It's still cold even here in the conference room. Alright, it's time to do a bit of work now. Or maybe not. Haha.. :P


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