Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Dead Beat

Today has been the most stressful day for a long long time. In my previous entry I said that I only had a small part left to right? Well I was dead wrong. Both my partner and I slacked for those 2 days last week and today it was crunch time. Tomorrow was the deadline so we rushed everything today. It wasn't so much that we had to do anything hard, but that everything was very tedious. We had to do the animation for every single object in the menu, make it move here, make it move there. I didn't manage to finish my part, so I had to take it home today. I finally finished everything just 1 hour ago. Phew. :)

Another thing was that I was super super late for work today. I was supposed to meet my partner at 11am, but I arrived at the office only at 12pm. It was a good thing that the guy who's giving us all the work to do didn't mind my late coming. Haha. :)

Anyways, I'd better end here. It's time to sleep and I've got nothing more to blog anyway. Oh yeah, my lovable girlfriend is coming back tomorrow! Yay! Can't wait to see her again. I'm going to pick her up at the airport. :D


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