Thursday, June 03, 2004


Today was another mundane day at work. We tried to get on with the website revamp, but we just didn't know how to do it.

Both my partner and I aren't really good at web design so we don't know what color scheme to use, which is the best layout and all the stuff like that. So all we did today was a simple layout to show the guy tomorrow.

Speaking of the guy who gives us the task to do, he made us wait for nothing today. We turned up at the office lobby, waited for a while and then found out he was in a meeting. It was the 2nd time that this happened again. He's the Lead Visual Designer, so I guess he's a busy guy.

In the past 2 weeks both my partner and I have been working inside a small room with a table. Although it was small but at least we had a bit of privacy. But then earlier this week, the admin girl made us move to a table some where in the middle of the office. Cause they don't have cubicles in this office, they just have big tables for each person placed at different parts.

They all still have privacy because their tables are near the walls so their monitors face the wall and no one can see them. But for us, anyone passing by can see our monitors!

Now don't think I'm surfing porn websites during work and that's why I don't want people to see my monitor. It's not that. It means that I can't slack off and play games! And visit my friends' blogs! Crap. And I'm sure the feeling of the lack of privacy would make anyone feel uncomfortable as well.

Anyway, tomorrow's Friday and it's the weekend! I've been counting the days and I realized there's another 3 weeks to go in my attachement. =( And the worst thing is that time is passing by really slowly. It's almost as if time is crawling by whenever I'm in the office. Hopefully tomrrow time will pass quicker cause it's Friday! =)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha U know when i had attachment. My screen was facing the door! if someone open the door i'm screwed LOL

12:52 AM  

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