Thursday, June 10, 2004

Still Cold

This morning I had to wake up earlier cause we weren't going to meet the guy over at the other company. Which meant that work started at 9am today. But my partner and I decided to have breakfast at Ya Kun at 830am before work. I slept at 2:30am the previous night so I was quite stoned on the way to Raffles place mrt.

And for the first time, I was on time! Haha. He was quite surprised when he saw me waiting for him.

He said,"Wah, you on time ah."

LoL~ I've gotta try to get rid of my late coming habit. I always tend to come 15 minutes or later whenever I meet people.

Later when we stepped into the office, it was still as cold as yesterday. But after a while I got used to it, but it was still freezing. Good thing lunch just came in time save the day.

Anyway during lunch, I saw the OC commercial on tv and I saw Mischa Barton! Yeah, she's hot. Her kind of beauty is unique yet at the same time, simple.

(Picture from Soapsite.)

If I'm not wrong she's of American-Irish descent, and usually those who have mixed blood turn out to be good-looking.

Speaking of the OC, it's on tonight at 11pm! Yahoo! I just hope I'll be able to catch it this time cause my father's always watching wrestling or the discovery channel when he gets home.

Well, it's time to do some work now. Enough slacking around. Maybe I'll blog later again! =)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmm good good.. keep up the good work.. hahaha mai slack ah! -AaRon

2:20 PM  

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