Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Taking A Look Around

I always see interesting things on MRT rides to work in the mornings. There's nothing much to see on a crowded mrt except people. And if you look around enough, sometimes you'll see interesting things from time to time.

In my MRT ride today, I saw:

1) A guy talking to himself.
There was this JC student talking to himself by the door. His gaze was fixed onto the floor as if he was having a converstion with someone there. But when I looked at the floor, there was no one there. Can't blame him though. The stress in JC is enough to kill some people and drive them mad. LoL~

2) A smiling weirdo.
As soon as I stepped through the door, there was this guy that smiled at me. I just ignored him and walked in. No offence to anyone out there, but this guy looked kinda retarted. He was walking around, looking at people and smiling at them and laughing. At one point he was standing quite close to a guy and smiling in his face. The guy just walked away.

3) A family with 4 kids.
What was interesting about this family was that the children all looked like they were born 1 or 2 years apart. The oldest looked 5 years old and youngest was a crying baby in a pram. I think it's quite obvious that if you have so many children come one after the other you're going to have a hard time. The father didn't look rich too. I wonder he coped with the family expenses and the child care. If only his wife took care of the kids, I'm sure she was really having a tough time. I wouldn't my wife to suffer like that.

Man.. It's still cold here in the conference room. I'll go out and get some warm air first. Might blog later again. =)


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