Monday, June 14, 2004

Looking Backwards In Time

I found this while reading someone else's blog and I found it quite interesting. It reminds you of how fast time has gone by and makes you recall quite hard with your memory.

10 Years Ago, I ...

1. was 10 years old.
2. was in Primary 3.
3. liked Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
4. was learning Taek Kwon Do.
5. jumped down from the 1st story just to see how it felt.

5 Years Ago, I ...

1. was in Secondary 2.
2. was playing football everyday.
3. liked this girl who my friend liked too.
4. started playing Counter Strike.
5. started learning the bass guitar.

3 Years Ago, I ...

1. was in Secondary 4.
2. was playing football everyday.
3. was deeply deeply infatuated with a girl.
4. started playing pool
5. started to get depressed.

2 years ago, I ...

1. was umemployed for half a year.
2. had a concussion.
3. had slight clinical depression.
4. had a day when everything turned around within hours.
5. met someone very very very very special and fell in love. =D

A Year Ago, I ...

1. was in Poly doing my 2nd and 3rd semesters.
2. started learning and doing card magic.
3. failed my JAVA programming.
4. started playing pool more often.
5. had my first magic performance.

So Far This Year, I ...

1. have finished my 4th semester.
2. scored my favourite goal.
3. played competitive football again in a long time.
4. started watching Naruto!
5. fell deeper in love. =)

Yesterday, I ...

1. watched England Vs France.
2. had dinner with my girlfriend and her family.
3. had 4 hours of sleep.
4. took a cab home late late at night.
5. did magic to a 5 year old.

Today, I ...

1. am slacking.
2. am feeling stoned.
3. want to go home and play my Playstation 2.
4. am going to eat Nasi Lemak for lunch.
5. will sleep earlier.

Tomorrow I will ...

1. go to work again.
2. try to slack again.
3. call my girlfriend, like I do everyday. :)
4. try to start playing Final Fantasy X-2.
5. blog again.

Phew.. This is one hard survey. It took me a long time to think and answer some questions.


Blogger ying said...

this is really interesting... really sets you into thinking about wat you've been doing in the past... dun mind if i copy it?

12:55 AM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Yeah.. go on ahead. It's a thought provoking thing to complete. Haha.

3:52 PM  

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