Thursday, June 17, 2004

Cold and Slow

Once again, it's winter temperature in the office right now. I brought a pull on sweater today, but it's still freezing cold. I've always hated the cold when I was young, and I hate it even more now. Now that it's cold, it seems like time is moving slower. It's already 3:22, but it feels like 5 hours have passed. Brr..

When we went to meet AR today, it only took 5 mins! When we arrived, he was going to the pantry to get some food, so on his way back he saw us. We just sat in the reception area,showed him our work and he told us to do this and that, and then it was over in 5 mins! He usually makes us wait at least 30 minutes before he meets us. Today must be a lucky day! Haha.

Right now I'm just downloading some magic videos from Penguin Magic. I wanna maintain and improve my magic skills, but finding someone to present it to is quite hard because all my friends are tired of my tricks already. Haha. Hmm.. Come to think of it, my attachment partner here hasn't seen any yet. Maybe I'll practise on him. =)

I can't find anything else interesting to blog now, so maybe I'll update later. =)

-Updated the Euro 2004 Betting Section.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

JoeWell at least its better being outside in the sun. Sucks!

7:00 PM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

To be honest, I'd take trade for sun right now. LoL~ Wanna play football! Haha..

12:04 AM  

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