Monday, June 21, 2004


Man.. I'm starting to feel so so sleepy now. Today we were supposed to meet AR but when we got to the office the lady at the reception told us he took half day MC. We finished the work that we had to do, so today's another slack day! Haha.

The only thing about slack days is that sometimes it gets very sleepy because there's nothing to do. The fact that I slep at 6am in the morning doesn't help either.

So right now my partner and I are just editing the flash trailer and changing some things here and there. We playing around with the sounds, trying to put the correct sounds but we only have a limited range.

After this I'm going to Aaron's house to pass him the blank cds I bought yesterday so he can start burning the Naruto anime! Then finally I can have my own collection. =)

Oh yeah, one of the staff here at Marcomedia gave us each one of their computer backpacks! It's just what I needed! =) She's so kind and sweet. She's been the friendliest to us ever since the first day we came. She's quite young I think, but not as snobbish as the other young lady at the reception desk. =P

Hmm.. I got some work to do now. So I might update again later depending on my mood. =)

--Updated the Euro 2004 Betting Section.


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