Thursday, June 24, 2004


Only one more day before my attachment is finally over!! Yahoo! Today we went to see AR and he was satisfied with our last assignment, so I guess we won't be seeing him anymore. It feels a bit funny, but I'm going to miss this routine that I'm going to leave behind a little bit.

You know, seeing the same people here at Marcomedia and Genovate, taking the mrt in the mornings, then eating nasi lemak or chicken rice for lunch. Sitting in the air con room at all day and getting to surf the internet anytime I want. Haha. But at the same time it's getting quite tiring, so I'm also glad it's going to be over. FREEDOM!

Right now I'm having a bit of a stomach upset. It's not too bad, just that there's a slight pain that comes from time to time. Must be something I ate last night. I think it was the pizza. I'll just let it go away. My eyes are acting up too. Sometimes when I look into the distance, it's a bit blurred. And then I sort of have to focus properly to get a clearer view. Crap, I don't want to be short sighted. Looking at the laptop screen the whole day is probably what's causing all this.

Early this morning I missed the Euro 2004 matches again! Dang. It's the 3rd time that I've missed the match because I fell asleep or failed to wake up. So I'm going to make sure that I'm going to catch the Portugal-England game later on tonight. I'll ask someone to call me or something. I'm supporting England to win. GO ENGLAND!! =) Something about these championships is that I don't like the host country to win. It's like they have an unfair advantage over the other teams just because they're playing at home.

Tonight will be the last time I'm going to take home the office laptop, so I've got to send all the stuff that I downloaded here into my own laptop. Haha. I've made use of the high speed internet connection to download some stuff that would have probably taken ages if I had used my 56K connection at home. I must sey that if I've downloaded some good stuff. Downloaded some songs from the Naruto OST, anime videos, videos from Gametrailers and lots of card magic videos! Ahh.. the magic of broadband. Haha. =P

Tomorrow is the last day of work and I'm going to get to play bass for the youth service at Salvation Army too, so that's something I'm looking forward to. Alrighty, will update tomorrow if I can. See ya! =)


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