Sunday, June 27, 2004

Saturday Night

Yesterday night I was sick. I had a slight fever and my stomach was still aching, so I went home instead of going for cell group. I wanted to quickly settle my stomach problems, so I went to the toilet and crapped everything out as soon as I got home. It seemed to work, because I felt better and the fever never returned. Haha.

I feel asleep immediately after eating, and I slept a full 12 hours! I think it's because now that my attachment's over, it's something I won't have to worry about anymore, so I slept better. School's starting on monday, but it's not as bad as going to work.

Today at Jericho Youth Centre there was a movie marathon from 2pm to 10pm, but I only went at around 5pm after my youth worship practice. It was quite alright, the only movie I managed to catch was Yamakazi, a film about 7 guys who can flip, jump, climb buildings and all sorts of acrobatic skills like that. It was good, I'd give it a rating of 8 upon 10. :)

I was actually planning to start playing Final Fantasy X-2 when I got home, but I went online and I decided not to play again. Been procrastinating doing that ever since the holidays started. Well, better start playing tomorrow.

I'm just waiting for the Holland - Sweden game right now. The bloody arrogant french team were knocked out of Greece last night. Haha. I don't want an upset today though, because I've been supporting Holland and England from the start. Only Holland's left, so I predict a Holland victory by a single goal. Actually, just as long as the Dutch win, I'll take it anyway.

Alrighty, the match is starting now. GO HOLLAND! :)


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