Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Captain Hook

Look at that picture.

That guy seems pretty cool, having the scary hook and all right? Now read this article.
(I found out about this from Mr Brown's blog.)

Hamza Gets £30,000 Nurse.. to Wipe His Bum.


TERROR suspect Abu Hamza has been given new hooks on the NHS - and a £30,000-a-year nurse to wipe his backside in jail.

The Muslim extremist, who has no hands, was fitted with special £5,000 replacement hooks because it was feared his original metal ones could be used as weapons.

He is unable to clean himself as he could do himself an injury. So prison officials have hired a male nurse named Harry to perform the task.

A prison source said: "He's known as 'Dirty Harry'. This guy has got one of the worst jobs in the world. His main reason for being there is to clean Hamza's backside. Everyone's having a laugh about it. But Hamza can't be left unclean. It would be a health hazard."


When I read that last part, I totally laughed my head off. Imagine this:

Nurse Harry: "Hi, I'm Harry, and I'm here to clean your ass for you today." (smiles)

Man with Hook: "Oh ok."

Nurse Harry: "Alright, now turn around. Yes, just like that. No, a bit higher, higher. Ok, now hold it here." (Starts wiping his ass.)

Man with Hook: "Hey, be gentle."


Alright, I think you get the picture now.

I mean, that guy has to get someone to clean his ass for him or else he might hurt himself! LoL~ I guess the closest thing you can to someone kissing you ass, is for someone to clean it for you.

But hey, it pays 30,000 pounds a year. That's a lot of money!

1.00 GBP United Kingdom Pounds = 3.15751 SGD Singapore Dollars.

30,000 GBP United Kingdom Pounds = 94,740.99 SGD Singapore Dollars
(Calculated using the Currency Coverter from

That's 7895.08 Singapore dollars a month! That's way much more than what some people earn here. All just for wiping someone's ass!

Hmm.. I'm starting to think of a career change now. LoL~


Blogger Guan You said...

Nice one Gerome... Wonder which kind of employer will pay me that much money... And it's an easy job...

6:00 PM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Yeah, that's real crazy money I tell you.

6:31 PM  

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