Monday, July 12, 2004

Numb Arms

My church's family today was fun but tiring. We played lots of games but I didn't participate in the lame games. Finally played some football again in a long while and it was GREAT!

Right now both my arms feel a bit funny thought. They feel really weak. And my calf muscles hurt too. Did too much sprinting and the Tug-Of-War that we played must have strained my arm muscles too.

I'd blog more about how the day went and all the stuff that happened but I'm really feeling quite tired now. Good thing the World Pool Championships have finally started and I can just stay at home and enjoy the tournament.

I want Efren Reyes to win. His playing is out of this world and his skills are just magical at times. And Franciso Bustamante too! With those powerful breaks, I wonder how come the balls haven't turned into dust yet. Yeah, it's time to cheer for my fellow countrymen!

Watch out for those 2. The other player I'm rooting for is Yang Ching Shun. He's still young, but he's already become of the best players in the world. And when he plays, he so cool that he hardly shows any emotion at all.

(Souce: Taipei World Pool Championships 2004.)

Alright, enough about pool. It's time for me to sleep now. Although there's no school for me tomorrow, (Wohooo!) my arms are getting really weak now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah i love to watch pool! haha so fun when u see how they place the ball nicely to hit the next ball! anywayz joel here..i didnt noe u had to sign up to post a comment so i juz posted on as annonymous..=P

12:26 AM  
Blogger Nigel said...

I haven't played pool in a long time, which is weird seeing as I own a pool table.

7:06 AM  

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