Thursday, July 15, 2004

Halfway Around The World

Phew. I'm finally in San Diego now. I had to enter into the US so that I wouldn't lose my green card. It's all because the re-entry permit, which would allow me to stay out of the US for 2 years, hasn't been approved yet.

The crappy thing is that I took more than 24 hours to get here. And it was all because of stupid electrical relay box. I'll try to make this entry short here because I'm pretty tired right now from all the travelling.

My plane was scheduled to take off from Singapore

First, there was was a delay in Changi Airport in Singapore because of a faulty electrical relay box. They tried to fix it for 3 hours and but in the end they just changed it.

The flight from Singapore to Narita was about 7 hours I think.

Our stopover was to be at Narita, Japan, but because of the delay, our plane to San Francisco had already gone, so instead we had to find another way to get to San Francisco. So now we had to fly to Honolulu, Hawaii and take another flight there to San Francisco because there were no other flights to San Francisco for the rest of the day in Japan.

So it was another 7 hour flight from Japan to Hawaii.

There was a catch about going to Honolulu though. We had to wait 5 hours for our next flight. Really crappy. So my father and I just went to eat some stuff, and then proceeded to the waiting area of our flight's gate and just sat there, slept a bit, and just waited. What else could we do?

And so from Hawaii to San Francisco it was another 6 hours I think.

So I finally reached San Francisco. But that wasn't the end of the travelling. Orginally we were supposed to arrive in the morning and then drive to San Diego at night, but because of the delays we arrived only at night which meant that we had to drive to San Diego right away. San Francisco to San Diego is very far. Crappy. It was around 750 miles I think, which is 1206 km.

The drive from San Francisco to San Diego was 10 hours.

So finally, that's how I managed to wind up where I am now, and it all took me 38 hours.

I wanted to blog more about some of the stuff that happened during my travels, but maybe I'll do that another time. I tell you, I haven't bathed since I left my house in Singapore and I'm still wearing the same clothes as well! But I don't stink. No, really, I don't. I took lots of pictures too but I'll have to find a server to upload them onto first.

I'm missing my sweet and lovable girlfriend quite a lot right now. I think she must be sleeping already. She likes to sleep a lot. Haha..

Alrighty, it's time to bathe, so I'll update again. :)


Blogger Amelia said...

Hey...didn't know u went to the USA...go there for wat...when coming back sia...get something back fr USA for me leh...hopefully u gt time to shop for a mickey mouse for me...haha..

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Haha it was indeed a SHORT blog :P hahah

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

o_O u not In singapore meh? o_O??? *blur*

9:27 AM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Oh yeah huh. I just realised that this blog wasn't anything but short. Haha. =P

6:45 AM  

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