Saturday, July 31, 2004


Man, I'm feeling real sleepy now but I don't want to sleep. I wanna play a bit more Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes. If you're a gamer you'll know that MGSTS is a Gamecube console game and I don't have a Gamecube. This Gamecube that I'm using to play MGSTS is my sister's boyfriend's and I feel bad about borrowing it for long so I want to quickly finish the game and continue with my Final Fantasy X-2.

Yeah! It's finally the weekend! I can relax, sleep and play a bit more. =) I like the weekend like everyone else but I really hate Sunday nights. Because when it's Sunday night, I start getting the Monday blues and dreading how I have to get up and go to school the next day. But when it's Monday morning itself, I feel fine. So it's funny how I only the Monday blues on Sunday night but never on Monday itself.

2 Pasar Malams(Night Makets) have opened in Ang Mo Kio and at Bishan near the Salvation Army Central Corp building. What I really need to try and get are the pirated PS2 games. It seems like all the pirates have been raided or run away because there are hardly anymore pirated games shops anyway. =( I need to some games because I haven't gotten any games for a long time.

Man, I'm really sleep now. I wanna blog more but my eyes won't let me. So it's time to go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try burlington square or Sunshine Place[Plaza]? Somewhere near the new NAFA... A couple of my frens got pirated games from there...
If u need directions just drop me a msg or call :D

11:38 PM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Really? Thanks! But I think I've just found another source. Haha..

12:45 AM  

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