Saturday, August 21, 2004

Where's The Moon?

I was reading Joe's blog earlier and he had this post about this guy who says, "There is no moon!" Haha. Yeah, that's right, apparently the moon is just all just a hoax. It's a conspiracy! But don't we see it every night? Hasn't man been on the moon? Well, here's some of what he writes.

1) But I can see the moon.
- But think about it – without the help of so-called "experts", how do you really know what you’re looking at? It could be a hologram, projected from various government installations throughout the world. It could be a large, crudely painted balloon, held in place by helium and propelled by tiny sails and rudders (which is why it moves across the sky so slowly). Or, most likely, it could have been different things at different times and different places, depending on the technology available to the conspirators and the culture and beliefs of the population being deceived.

2) But who could or would perpetrate such a hoax?
- First of all, the various secret societies and religious orders to which the scientists responsible for propagating the moon hoax have belonged from the beginning. One can easily trace the history of this deception through the Templars, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati and the Masons, by way of the various scientists – from Ptolmy to Copernicus to Newton – whose "observations" have been vital toward putting a scholarly veneer to the moon myth. To this day, universities and government agencies such as NASA are full of "scientists" of this kind.

However, responsibility cannot go solely to academic scientists who initiated the hoax, nor to the organizations to which they belong which have sought to use this deception in their struggle for world domination.

3) But don’t the astronauts who claim to have walked on the moon count as eyewitnesses?
- And just how much money did each of these men receive, on record, for their services? And this doesn’t count the unaccounted millions that have probably bought their continued silence since.

4) And what about the "moon rocks" that these astronauts brought back with them?
- We are expected to merely take this on faith, assuming that NASA would never lie to us, even with billions of dollars at stake. And why is access to these artifacts restricted only to personnel approved by this criminal NASA organization? Why haven’t revisionists been permitted to examine these artifacts for themselves? Because if NASA permitted unbiased researchers access to these objects, the fraud would be exposed immediately.

5) About the tides being affected by the moon.
- The tide myth is one of the oldest and most absurd lies that the Lunar establishment has tried to push on a gullible world. Do they really expect us to believe that the moon - an object that allegedly resides at an average distance of 240,000 miles from the earth - has the power, from that distance, to lift how many billions of cubic meters of water?

Do an experiment: take a rubber ball and suspend it above a bathtub full of water. Now slowly move the ball closer to the water. Does the level of the water change? Not even slightly. So much for the tides myth.

(Source: The Mad Revisionist)

Well, after reading most of what he wrote, I've come to my own conclusion. It's all crap. Total nonsense. The writer is just being paranoid and thinking that there's a consipiracy theory for everything. He refuses to believe something that is obviously right in front of him. People like this merely filter out the truths that they don't want and choose to believe in whatever they want.

First he denies the most obvious evidence that the moon exists. It's right there in front of him. But's all hoax and it could be a hologram set up by the governments of the world.

Then he rejects the testimony and credibility of eyewitnesses, astronauts and scientists by saying they were bought.

He then says that the evidence that was brought back was fake and that this whole thing is a conspiracy for world domination.

In short, he's rejecting everything that points to the truth by coming up with an explanation that is quite incredible. World domination. Sure, that might be true, but I don't get how faking the moon exists will lead to world domination.

If you look at it that way, how do you know that the computer in front of you right now even exists. What if, it's not really there? What if, what if it's all an .. Illusion? Your brain might have been connected to a computer at birth and everything around you is just a virtual simulation made by an secret organization bent on world domination using your body as an experimental energy source for their television because the earth's entire resources were wiped out by aliens who got pissed by the bad singing on Singapore Idol.

Yeah right.

So then, by refusing everything that points to the truth and truth itself, who can then decide what is the truth? Of course the person himself. Then whatever the person decides becomes the "truth". Do you call that truth? Something put together by someone as they want it?

And the explanation about the tides was quite funny if you ask me. Comparing a rubber ball to the size of the moon and expecting it to move a tub of water. Anything that has mass causes a curvature in space-time which results in gravity; the reason why objects with bigger mass have the ability to pull smaller mass objects towards them. It's also been proven in experiments that 2 balls (one with a bigger mass than the other), when put close enough to each other, do get pull together by gravity. (Don't get the wrong idea about the 2 balls.) It's just that the distance is very very very very very very very very very small and minute. But then again, the scientists who did the experiments were paid by the secret organization seeking world domination, so forget it.

But the funniest part is this:
"A cash reward of $100,000 has been offered to anyone who can send us, by e-mail, conclusive physical evidence of the existence of the moon. This reward remains unclaimed."

They want conclusive, PHYSICAL evidence of the existence of the moon. Sure. But I have to send it by e-mail?! How do you send physical objects through e-mail? No wonder the reward remains unclaimed. LoL~

So after everything, does the moon exist? I don't know about you, but to me it sure does.


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