Wednesday, August 04, 2004

23.1 Million Pounds!

Wohoo! Patrick Viera is moving to Real Madrid! Haha. I don't mind Real Madrid becoming stronger just as long as Arsenal get weaker. It's not that I don't think Man Utd can't beat Arsenal, cause Man Utd can beat them anyday, but anything that brings down Arsenal is good news to me. Haha.

Last Sunday I left my food on the counter at the food court while I was ordering my food. I only realised I had left it behind after I finished eating. It was a good thing when I went back, I managed to get my phone. Phew.

I was just thinking about that incident yesterday and I realized that my handphone has best safety mechanism in the world! Even if I leave in the food court, it still won't get stolen. My handphone prevents itself from being stolen. Really, it does! Here, I'll show you why. My handphone is the...

It's the....

That's right! It's the legendary Nokia 3310! It's still one of the best phones around in my opinion. It's durable, has buttons big enough to make sending text message easy and fast and if you drop it 200 times it still works! It isn't obselete because picture phones haven't become a neccessity yet. And the best thing is that no one will steal it because they all think it's a stupid old phone.

So I will keep my nice blue Nokia 3310 for as long as I can. =)


Blogger Amelia said...

Ya...u better take care of tt phone ar..dun u dare lost it again...!!!!

11:25 PM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Don't worry. I won't lose the phone. Hahaha.. :P

1:21 PM  

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