Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Wet And Rainy

There hasn't been really anything to blog nowadays. Just the normal stuff going on. I'm feeling too tired to think of anything interesting to write too. I know I don't lack sleep, but I'm feeling sleepy all the time now.

Anyway, our team's 2nd training was on Sunday and there were a lot of people. It was really fun to be kicking a ball again though. I was just glad to be there, running and playing football. The only bad thing was that it had rained a few hours before and the field was really muddy and slippery, which is really irritating because when you try to turn with the ball or sprint, the ground gives way and you lose traction. And also, your underwear gets really wet and brown, so that's why I always bring extra underwear to training. So then when it rains, I can laugh at those who didn't. Hahaha.

During the 2 side game, there was even this one time when I was dribbling with the ball and slipped. And of all places I had to fall on the mud patch. I got totally drenched with mud! I still managed to regain control of the ball and continued running with one eye closed because of the mud. After that I had to immediately go wash the mud off because it was really irritating.

My auntie's family might be coming on August 9 to Singapore, so if they do come, they'll be staying at our place. And whenever guests come to stay at our place, they always use my room. I don't really mind letting them use my room because I kinda like sleeping in the living room. It gets a bit spooky at night but other than that it's quite comfortable. I've fallen asleep in the living room so many times beacuse I'm so comfortable with the idea of sleeping in the living room alone.

Alright, I'm starting to feel light headed so I guess it's time to end this entry and go to sleep! Nitey everyone!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

o man it sucks. falling on mud. Yea it rain so much recently i also feel sooooo sleepy lol! ANd i been awfully lazy to blog too. can't really think of anything to write. just feeling lazy.


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