Friday, August 20, 2004

Sing Your Heart Out

I was watching tv earlier on at 8pm and Singapore Idol was up. To tell the truth, whoever becomes Singapore Idol doesn't really matter that much to me, because either way, I'd just end up downloading their music. The real reason I watch SG Idol is just to be entertained. And it sure has been entertaining!

There was a lot bad singing but what surprised me was how much there was. It just goes to show the lack of talent here, something even one the judges, Ken Lim, has mentioned before. Even the good ones that got through to the top 30 weren't all that good. They could sing, but their voices lacked that extra kick that makes the difference between an ordinary singer and a music star. No one had that star quality that made them stand out too. With the lack of these 2 elements, there's no reason for me to go and buy their cd if it was released. But then again I might be wrong now, so let's just wait and see.

A lot of dumb things have happened on the show as well, but the dumbest thing I've heard on isn't the singing. It was,

*contestant jumps up and down like crazy*

That's the dumbest thing I've heard. First of all, anyone can go to Caldecott. Even my dog can go to Caldecott. From my place I just take one bus and I'm there in 25 minutes. No big deal. You might as well be shouting,


Come on, at least saying something like, "I'm through to the next round!", would be much more intelligent. At least in American Idol I can understand their joy at going to Hollywood because of these reasons.

AMI - Hollywood is the glamourous capital of showbusiness.
SGI - Caldecott is the .. is the.. uh.. forget it.

AMI - For those who don't live there, they get to travel to a far place they haven't been too.
SGI - Anyone can travel down to Caldecott by taking bus.

I think you can get what I mean now. Still, SG Idol is entertaining me, so I don't have much more complaints. What's more, there was this girl that I thought was kinda cute. Not really pretty or stunning. Just a bit cute. LoL~


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