Sunday, April 24, 2005

This Week

This whole week has gone by real quick. It's funny how I feel busier than I was when school was still on.

On Wednesday I went to eat Sakae's sushi buffet with my super lovable girlfriend. I only managed to eat 14 plates, which was way short of my 18 plate record. It wasn't my fault though, the food that we ordered was slow and it comes to speed eating, it's all about momentum. =)

After that I went to meet my friend who brought me to the hotel for the interview. I filled up the application form and guess how long the interview took. It only took 1 minute! I went in, answered a question and the next thing the interviewer asked was, "Okay. Can you come for training tomorrow?" I said yes and that was it.

So on Thursday I really didn’t do much aside from going for the training. The training was quite alright and lasted around 2 hours or so.

On Friday, it was finally my school's prom night. Honestly speaking, events like these always give me mixed emotions all throughout the night. Happy that everybody's celebrating their graduation but at the same time sad, because I won't be seeing all my wonderful classmates that often anymore.

I have to say that overall I enjoyed the prom. Towards the end when they opened up the dance floor, it was interesting to see some of the lecturers dancing. I'm not saying that lecturers aren't allowed to dance, it's just you always view your teachers as the serious type and the last thing you would expect to see them doing is letting it loose on the dance floor. And what made it even more interesting to watch was that some of them didn't know how to dance. Hahaha. I tell you, that really made my night.

Alright, I have to stop here for now. My back is killing me and I can hardly keep my eyes open anymore. Pardon any grammatical or spelling errors. Will update again.


Blogger Bubblemunche said...

Holy shit! 18 plates usually? I thought my 16 per person is awesome already. Respect.

- Ah Hock

10:21 AM  
Blogger Jayaxe said...

Incidentally, I have never attended any prom of any sort. Did any of the lecturers trip or something during their dance? That'll be very funny if it happened!

11:49 AM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Bubblemunche: Yeah. Actually my friend's record is 23. Mine pales in comparison.

Jayaxe: Nah. Nobody tripped. But if someone did, then I would be laughing my ass off. Haha.

4:41 AM  
Blogger jettykey said...

Haha, lecturers dancing... that's a funny sight alright... especially those bespectacled ones.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

i had a horrible account of my sec school graduation night. We had to wear all white and no tube tops and- horrors of horrors - no guys. How wonderful it is to come from a covent school aye.

5:15 AM  
Blogger Lam's Creation said...

.. talk about dancing lecturers ... I was in this state event in Malaysia with my students, and I danced on the table top ... kanna sarbohed by my students ...

3:06 PM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

anna: Yeah. Some of them who danced were the ones we least expected to dance!

melissa: No guys? Hahaha.

lam's creation: You danced on a table top?! I wonder if anyone managed to get that on video. That would certainly be something.

3:39 AM  

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