Thursday, October 07, 2004

This Is A Boring Entry

I'm supposed to be doing my Terms Of Reference(TOR) for my Final Year Project(FYP) but I suddenly feel like blogging. This is going to be a boring entry, so read on if you want to.

Seems like the blogging trend is catching on in my class. At first only a few of us had blogs, but more recently, more have been starting one! There's ZK, TK and YF. In fact, I helped TK and YF created their blogs yesterday!

Right now this TOR is giving me a bit of hard time. Writing the TOR isn't that actually, it's just that you have to think and plan out how you're doing to do your project and what it's going to be like. (E.g. the functions, the scope of the project..) I just ate not long ago, so maybe the digestion that's going on in my stomach is hindering my thought process. I just feel like sleeping... *yAwN*

Alright, that's enough blogging for now. Back to the TOR. Crap.


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