Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The Blue Phone

I've been feeling really lazy to blog nowadays, which explains the lack of recent entries. So here's my first entry for this week!

I've got good news! I finally got my new Nokia 5140 phone!

Yeah! Feel so glad that I've finally got a phone of my own. All my previous phones were either borrowed was given to me by someone else. I got it on Sunday at Funan Shopping Centre and something else happened too. I saw the finalists from American Idol!

They're here in Singapore for a concert this week and they were doing some shopping. At first I didn't believe when my friend said, "Hurry up, Jasmine Trias is here". So I went anyway and there she was in one of the shops! Actually Jasmine is really short. Maybe only around Amelia's height, which is 155cm or something. And not only Jasmine was there, but all the other 6 finalists who came to Singapore. At first not many people noticed them, but after a while people from my church (the service is held just next to Funan) heard about the news and came to see them. They were the first ones to approach them and started asking to take pictures with them. What can I say? Filipinos will be filipinos. LoL~

I saw Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, (who were quite tall), Jon Peter Lewis, George Huff and Latoya London. My friends told me that Diana Degarmo was there too but I didn't see her. George Huff was in one of the shops buying a guitar and my good and crazy friend, Chester went to take a picture of him because George was his favourite singer in American Idol. Then you know what Chester did? He started to sing in front of George Huff! Well, Chester can really sing well, but singing in front of George Huff? It was so embarrassing for me. Later on I asked him what he said to George Huff before he sang to him and he said, "I just went up to him and said, 'George, I'm your greatest fan, then I just sing to him la. I sang the "Lean on me" song'. Then he said, ‘Wow, you can sing man!' and in the end he gave me his email address la."

At least George Huff was kind enough to entertain a crazy dude like him. After a while more and more people came so they all had to leave after a while. Too bad I didn't manage to get a picture with Jasmine Trias, but it's alright. :) There was this cute girl playing one of Xboxes around so it wasn't too bad. Haha. =P

Oh yeah, before I continue, I'd like to say:

Happy 21st Birthday Yifan!

Yep, the big brother of our class turned 21 day and we all went to Far East's Hans at for dinner to celebrate his birthday. After that we just spent the rest of the time walking around the place, looking at stuff but mostly we didn't buy anything. We walked until around 10 plus and then we went home. Leonard was kind enough to give me lift home. It's nice to have a friend that drives.

Right now I'm listening to the songs from Zhou Jie Lun's latest album and they're really good. Yep, he's a good songwriter. It's precisely that his songs are so good and unique that he can get away from his slurred words and his okay singing. I don't think he's a good singer at all. It's just that his songs are so well-written and made for his style of singing that it becomes so unique, which has made him stand out from all the other mandarin singers out there. Before all the Jay fans start flaming me, don't get me wrong. All I'm saying is that Zhou Jie Lun is average in terms of his singing ability however; his musical talent and songwriting skills are really really good.

Tomorrow I'll be writing a very important story from which every one of us can learn something, so look out for that entry. It's based on a true story some more. Alrighty, then. Good night people.


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