Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Yeah, it's a Wednesday! I like Wednesdays beause after today it's practically the weekend! Haha. And oh, I received some good news in my school email.

Lecturer X/ict/staff/npnet@NPSTAFFDOM
09/28/2004 07:13 PM

Debarment of AVFE and OOP Lifted

Dear Paul,

This is to inform you that your appeal against the debarment from the above modules has been successful.

Please ensure that you attend all classes in future.

Yours sincerely,

Lecturer X
for Course Management

Phew. Now that I can take the exams (debarment = not allowed to take exams), that's one hurdle down. The next hurdle is actually passing the exams. Like always, I need to find motivation for me to buck up and study. For me, it's hard to find motivation for something I have totally no interest in. Like studying. Most of time, like many people, the only motivation I get is the one from the fear of failing.

Now what some will do is too lower their expectations so that the chances of them failing to meet it will be reduced. For example, aiming for 60 when you know you can get 80. It's way of protecting themselves. In my case however, it's different. I just want to get everything over and done with. Haha. I do set expectations for myself but since I don't have the drive for something I'm not interested in, the standard isn't that high.

However, the exams are coming soon so we all need some motivation. Motivation has to come from somewhere, so here's a few motivational posters to get everyone started!

(From Bubblemunche. The whole list is at

Okie, I was kidding. Haha. Those posters are hecka funny. Especially the one about letting go and success. I think everyone should buy of those posters and put it up at home. That way whenever you're stressed out, you can look at the posters and no, not get motivated, but laugh your bloddy ass off.


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