Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Scandalous? Nah..

Hmm... I've been asked to blog the more scandalous and "juicer" details of my life, but the truth is, I don't have anything scandalous to blog about! Haha. I guess it's partly because whenever something happens, I usually don't let it get to me. I have this ability that whenever I get pissed at someone, I can just forget it 2 minutes later and go on as if nothing happened. So even I feel killing someone, that feeling only lasts 2 minutes. Secondly, if people trust me enough to confide in me, the least I can do is to keep their trust and their privacy.

Another thing is, I usually don't blog about my feelings because I prefer to keep them private. The only people I tell them to are the people closest to me, (which are lesser than all your fingers in one hand) and of course, my super lovable and ultra cute girlfriend! =D

Anyway I prefer to blog about my opinions and perspectives on life because I find it so much more interesting. Everyone has their own views and interpretations where better place to discuss them than on a blog?

I took an interest in blogs because in a way, it's seeing the world through someone else's eyes, walking around in someone else's skin and knowing how they feel going about their daily lives.

Keeping on the topic in my last entry, I feel that if someone wants good looks to be one of the attributes they want in a partner, it's perfectly fine. One shouldn't go and say, "Wah, don't go for looks la, so superficial." Now good looks are like any other attributes so to want them in a person is the same as wanting your partner to have the attributes of intelligence, patience, etc. The only problem comes when it becomes a pre-requisite. Meaning that it becomes a must-have in partner. Because like I said earlier, looks are superficial. Your relationship should be built on something with a firmer foundation.

Anyway, on to another topic. Today went I went to meet my FYP supervisor. Naturally I was a bit nervous as to whether he'd approve my project proposal. So when we met, he introduced himself and then he asked me how many modules I was lacking, so I said,"2". When he heard that, he was surprised. He said that he was surprised that someone would allow me to take my FYP with so many modules still due. At that point, I knew something was going wrong. He said that he would talk to the FYP director and persuade them not to let me take my FYP.

You'd think that I'd be pissed right? The funny thing was, I wasn't. Then he went on to explain to me why it wasn't appropriate for me take the FYP, citing reasons like no time, no time and no time. Now I'm starting to think that maybe taking my FYP next semester isn't too bad after all. At least I can do my assignment with enough time and without having to rush everything. The only bad thing is that I'll have to pay fees for another semester. And when my other classmates will be celebrating their graduation, I can only join their celebrations.

Well, some things can't be helped, so it's alright by me. It's better to be late with good quality work than on time with a bad one.


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