Saturday, September 18, 2004

JJ The Java Master!

This entry is written especially for my friend JJ! Haha. This guy has saved my life, and many other of my classmates, on many occaisions when it comes to assignments. Without him I wouldn't be able to complete my programming assignment by today and I wouldn't be able to understand a lot of parts if he wasn't there to teach me. It takes a friend to help you, a greater friend to help you when you're in need.

Thanks a lot JJ. I already owe you a lot, but I owe you one more. I'll treat you next time yeah?

I also haven't forgotten you, PK. Thanks a lot for helping with doing some of the classes and painstakingly explaining how each they all work together. You explain better than any of the teachers in NP. Haha.

Ready now, all hail the JAVA MASTERS! =)


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