Thursday, September 09, 2004

Freedom Of Choice

Yeah! Blogger is finally back online. I've been trying since yesterday to try and post up entries but there was something wrong with the publishing part, anyway, today I posted 2 entries. The first is the entry that I wanted to post up yesterday and the one after that is today's entry.


I was blog hopping and came across this question which lots of people, including myself, have asked before.

"If God is perfect, why did the fall of Man occur?"

If God is perfect, his creation should be perfect too. A God perfect in nature cannot make an imperfect creation. So if that's the case, why did the fall of Man occur? Well, here's my opinion.

When God created Man, his creation was perfect. Perfect means without flaw or error. Since God was creating a Man, it would have to have all the attributes of a human being. It's like how a square has to have 4 equal sides to be called a square. Now one of the human attributes was free will. A human without the ability to decide and choose on their own wouldn't can't be called human at all. (Like how removing one side from a square wouldn't make it a square anymore.) For without free will we all would just be mindless robots walking around without the ability to decide on anything at all.

After all, Why would God want to create a remote controlled robot?

Secondly, we were created in the image of God. God has a will of his own and likewise so do we. No one can force you what to do and what to believe in. Not even God. Why? Because He gave us free will. Now what did this free will exactly mean?

We all know the meaning of the word Free, and according to Will refers to, "The mental faculty by which one deliberately chooses or decides upon a course of action". So to have free will means to have the ability and liberty of choice.

This free will meant that Man could choose to accept or reject God.

Now I'm sure almost everyone knows all about the Fall of Man(click on the link if you don't know) but it wasn't the apple that cause Man to fall. The apple was merely a decision created by God for Man to use his free will and choose. (Free will is useless if there is no choice to be made.) It was the decision to disobey and reject God that caused Man to sin and fall. And because of Sin, Man's nature became corrupted and no longer became perfect. Thus it was Man's own free will and choice that brought about his fall, not God.

If you choose to jump into a swimming pool, it's not God's fault if you get wet.

(Note: This entry is the author's opinion based on an topic he finds interesting and is not intended to "psycho" anyone into anything. You have free will, remember?)

I know the next question that most people would be thinking is, if God is omniscient, why did he create Man knowing that he would fall?

Well, that's a question for another day because I've spent enough time on this entry already. I don't mind doing an entry on the question as long as there's someone who wants to hear my take on that topic. So let me know yeah?


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Let me know, why did God create man knowing the he will fall? =)

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