Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Man On The Moon

Hmm.. It's another entry about the moon! The last time it was about the moon's existence, not it's whether man managed to land on the moon or not.

I just watched a show on TV called Conpiracy Theory and today's episode questioned whether NASA really did land on the moon or not. And after watching the show, I have to say, I pretty much believe them. The guys claiming the conspiracy theory had a pretty good case against NASA because they pointed out lots of inconsistencies and anomalies in the pictures and footages that NASA gave.

For example why does the US flag flutter when there isn't supposed be any air in space? And the most interesting thing was, when they played the tapes at 2 times the original speed, the originally slow movements of the astronauts on the moon became movements of them running in the earth's gravity. It's like how they record slow motion replays in sports. The camera records at maybe twice or more than the usual speed. That way then the tape is played, the player is moving in slow motion.

What's more the NASA guy didn't do much to refute the claims by not answering the questions posed to him clearly. So did we manage to get to the moon? I don't think so.

Dang, my dog just farted. It stinks real bad! I didn't know dogs could fart as much gas as a human. Haha. Talking about farts, I think I gotta go crap now.


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