Thursday, September 09, 2004

Link Me Up!

As usual today I was surfing round, blog hopping after class and I came across lots of interesting stuff. I can't remember my exact navigation route but it all started when I went to Mr Brown's Blog then I clicked on some link, which lead to more interesting links and so it went.

Anyway, here are some of the interesting links I came across.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Blogging But Were Afraid to Ask - In this site the author lists out 50 rules of blogging. Funny and interesting at the same time.

Here's a few excerpts:

21. The golden rule of computing always applies: back-up. If you are drafting a post, do it in Notepad or in an email that can get saved as a draft. Cut and paste it at the end into your blogging software. Sometimes the software crashes and takes your valuable post with it, and trust me, you won't feel like writing it again. This also lets you do something essential: proof-read. Consider a post like an email: if it's trivial a quick skim might be OK, but if it's a manifesto on all that's wrong with the world you'll want to take care with it. If the world's going to ignore you, you may as well it's ignoring something that makes sense.

41. Just like real writing, sometimes bloggers are hit with blog block. There are three ways to deal with this. Firstly, talk about your blog block. Everyone else has, you may as well tell everyone why your creativity sucks so badly too. Secondly, just post nothing. Sure you'll lose the 3 readers you had, but it's best not to make them sick by posting crap. Thirdly, fight your way through it by posting crap. This could involve recycling old stuff you wrote in a desperate "best of" kind of thing or just keep linking to others until you get inspired again and can write stuff on your own.

Through the blog, Wishful Thinking I found The Gender Genie, which guesses your gender based on the text that you input.

There was also an Asian Weblog Awards and a category for Best Singapore Blogger, which Xiaxue won! Yeah! I'm reader of her blog, you see. She's writes really funny and interesting entries. She also got 2nd place in the Funniest Blog Category.

Oh, and if for some reason you don't want people to visit your blog or reduce the traffic to your blog, read How Not To Be Seen by Laurence Simon.

And finally if you want to see what you don't want to happen to you in a football match, click here. Trust me, you don't want it to happen to you.

Alright, I guess that's enough links. It's time for lunch!


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