Tuesday, September 14, 2004


It's another Monday night and I'm here blogging once again. It seems like my internal clock is changing once again. My prime hours are from 11pm - 2 am and I haven't slept before 12 midnight in a long, long, long time.

How many of you all out there have links start appearing out of nowhere from words or lines of text in your web brower? I keep getting them all the time. Those irritating links start appearing everywhere I go, from blogs, emails and articles. It's actually because of a trojan horse that infects your computer. The results are pop-up advertisements and those stupid links. (Read more from Symantec.) I tried looking for programs to remove the problem but it seems as of now, the only way is to remove it manually. In the forums they ask you to use the Registry Editor but I don't understand the instuctions so it's better to leave it alone for now than accidentally deleting something and causing my entire system to crash.

I finally got my hair cut after much procrastinating and it feels good to have short hair once again. It's cooler but the thing I don't like about it is that you have to style it everyday. In the mornings I always feel to lazy to put gel, so most of the time I end up wearing my cap.

I met my mentor (a form teacher of some sort for our class) and we talked about the appeal for my Final Year Project. As of now, it seems like I'll be graduating 1 semester than all my friends but I guess it can't be helped. Now my mentor, lets call him LKH, is an old man who's actually a really, really nice guy. It just that he can't teach for nuts. He's like, no, he IS Jigglypuff in the way how he can put anyone to sleep when he teaches and that his voice alone is the most effective cure for insomnia. And since he's old, he gets long winded. I mean, really long winded. My friend YF once spent 3 whole hours talking to him when the only reason for their meeting was to talk about his debarment appeal. YF said that if you don't stop him from talking, he'll go on and on and on until the cows come home and Singapore qualifies for the World Cup.

So when he started asking about other things I quickly stopped Jigglypuff from singing and ran off to have lunch. Phew. One shouldn't fall asleep on an empty stomach.

Talking about Jigglypuff, I think there's one right now in the living room because I'm starting to feel sleepy. Oh well, nitey!


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