Thursday, September 23, 2004

Unheroic Heroes

Actually my blog entry was cut short last night because my sister said I had to rush because of "an emergency". It turns out that she was just tricking me into coming home early because my father made a surprise trip back from the US. Haha. I'm glad he come back (although it's only for 10 days) because it's different when you only have 1 parent around. Although my life's proceeding normally, I don't know, it just feels different. After that I was supposed blogging after watching The Amazing Race, but I feel asleep on the couch (again..) playing WE7. I've gotta stop sleeping on the couch because I always end up in awkward or bad postions. I don't want to get back problems when I'm old.

Speaking of The Amazing Race, I'm glad Chip and Kim won. I just didn't want cocky Colin and Christie to win it. I didn't mind Brandon and Nicole winning it either because Nicole is so pretty. Haha. The episode started with them in Philippines, then go Calgary and finally Dallas. One of these days I've got to go to Palawan where they showed all the beautiful beaches and clear waters. My father always says that Philippines has so many beautiful beaches and scenery yet so poor so financially. I guess it's the government's fault. If you have more 7000 islands, you're going to get a lot of beaches, you've gotta make use of it.

Speaking of reality tv shows, Singapore Idol is showing again tonight! This time they're showing a special episode called, "Unsung Heroes" where they invite the previous rejected contestants (most of them bad ones) to come back and sing. I don't have anything against the contestants, no.. but what I have against is the title of the episode.

"Unsung Heroes"? Come on, this episode is meant to be an episode where they invite all the bad rejects to come back and sing so we can laugh at them all over again. Even the similar American Idol episode called it the reject special or something. You know the one where they showed extra footage of william Hung singing.

Back to the Singapore Idol, I don't recall anybody they are inviting back that is worthy to be called a hero. Except for the 2 auditioning contestants that had hearing and speech problems. They can be called heroes because they did something that required courage and for a noble cause. The pink lady, the careless whisper guy, the lemon tree boy and the rest are just laughing stocks meant to entertain and amuse everyone that is watching. I don't think the word hero is a derserving word to use in describing them.

Some of you might ask, "What about the malay guy whose father passed away and sang Solitaire? He got through but pulled out due to family commitments."

Well, I have to say sorry, but for me, he's just a really fillial son who loves his family a lot. He's a great example fillial piety, someone who has put the interests of his family above his own and I applaud him for his sacrifice. I'm sure his father would be so proud of him. But for me, he's not a hero.

Why do I say that? Well, it's because if someone else was in the same situation, they'd most probably do the same. You practically have no choice if the survival of your family depends on you. It's hard but it's one of those things that you have a moral obligation to do. He hasn't done something that is exceptional and bold, unlike the guy who died trying to save his colleagues in the Nicoll Highway collapse. He's just done something is worth applauding for, and learning from. You could say that he is just one step below deserving the word Hero.

Whatever the case, just enjoy the show tonight and laugh your heart out. I just hope I can see the lemon tree guy show off his dance moves again. Hahaha..


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