Thursday, September 30, 2004

In The Middle

Crap. I'm in a dilemma right now. Remember the last time I told you I couldn't take the FYP? Well I got a call from my supervisor today sayinng I could! Bloody crap. It's been yes one moment, then no. Then yes then no, then yes again. What the heck? Here's a recap of how this whole roller coaster journey started.

First, I was told that I couldn't take my FYP because I owed 2 modules. My mentor said that we could write in an appeal letter requesting to take the FYP as an overload module.

The following week, my friend YF who wrote an appeal letter like me, got approved, so I got my hopes up. But it turned out that my appeal was denied.

Around 2 weeks later, I got a call from my mentor saying that I still had a chance of taking the FYP. He had spoken to them and they were going to reconsider my case again. So I wrote in a similar appeal letter and signed a form stating that I knew of my heavy work load the following semester. My appeal got approved 2 days later and I set up a meeting with my supervisor 2 days later.

On Monday this week, I met my supervisor but when I told him that I was lacking 2 modules, he was surprised and wondered how the people approved of me taking the FYP knowing that I had so many modules. He said that he was going to talk to the people who approved me and tell them not to let me take my FYP because of my heavy workload.

Today I got a call from him saying that I could take my FYP after all because he thought I was an IT student. IT students take 1 more module than MMC students so he miscalculated and thought I was taking an one more module than I actually had.

So that's how this entire roller coaster ride has gone. They say I can't take my FYP, so then I resign myself to not doing it. Then they say I can, so I get my hopes up and get all hyped up to do my FYP. Then do an about turn say I can't again, and the whole thing starts again.

The question now, is whether I should take my FYP or not. To tell you the truth, I don't feel like doing it because after I met the supervisor on Monday, I totally gave up on the FYP. So you can understand how I'm feeling now.

Anyway, here's the PROS if take my FYP now:
-Can graduate with my classmates.
-Won't waste money on another semester.

-My extra modules (on top of the usual ones) will lead to a lack of time.
-I might fail a module because of heavy workload, causing me to stay back another semester to repeat it.
-My FYP's quality won't be that good because of the lack of time and attention.

So which should I take? Taking the FYP next semester would mean that I would be able to give time, attention to it and produce good work. The pros of it would be the opposite of the pros of taking my FYP now and likewise for the cons part.

Dang~ Thinking of this is making me sleepy. I guesss I'll go to sleep or do something else. Hahaha.


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