Sunday, November 14, 2004


Right now, the holidays are really boring but they're passing by pretty fast. Sooner or later school's going to start again. And once again Ngee Ann Poly's semester starts the earliest. Bloody crap. It starts on December 6 while I heard from my friend that Nanyang Poly doesn't start their semester until December 20 something. I wanted to enjoy the December holidays a bit more, but thanks to the new academic year that the polys are adopting, there are no December holidays anymore.

I guess like most of the students out there, I'm not used to going to school in December. Together with Christmas and the New Year, the whole of December was always a holiday to me. It was really THE holiday season of the year. Christmas used to be really special too. But now... It's just going to feel like another public holiday, which really sucks.

Going to school during Christmas means another thing too. More presents to buy! Normally you wouldn't get presents for your classmates during Christmas because you didn't see them, but now that you'll see them almost everyday, you're more likely to get presents for them. Especially if someone in your class gets the ball rolling by giving you a present. Then you'll feel even more obliged to get them a present in return.

But come to think of it, the real meaning of Christmas isn't about the receiving and the stuff that you got. It's about giving. A present is meant to be given without expecting anything back. If you expect something back, then it wouldn't be called a present anymore. It would be called a trade instead. And let's not forget that the origin of Christmas was from a present too.

So this Christmas, if you give me a present but I don't get you one... Remember this entry and that it's all about giving! =)


Blogger sari said...

O I hardly get any gifts for anyone on Christmas~ .. but this year, I might get some stuff ... usually chocolates or lollies wrap in coloured papers.. You cna buy packets of lollies, jellybeans, hershey kisses .. or even buy soaps!! Just wrap them in coloured translucent paper.. and tie a ribbon around.. or get them candles! Chaper that way =) and wow, I didnt know the polytechnics have adopted a new academic system .. it used to be July right? or Jan~ not sure.. heehee I went to SP for 2 mths before, then I quit it. Poly isnt for me =) heehee

3:57 AM  
Blogger Fat Fingers said...

aiyoh! who goes to school in Dec??? That's so WRONG!! hahaha

Anyway, for christmas.. i hate doing the christmas shopping. It can be such a headache sometimes..

Maybe you can do this for your class.. each one writes a wish on a pc of paper and there will be a draw and you can buy just ONE thing for someone.. that's what we are doing at the office hehe. Can save $.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Bubblemunche said...

Goodness! Poly semesters start in December now :P?!? I'm thankful for the fact it didn't start from my batch ....

I knew Christmas is coming when I stepped into Orchard....

7:48 PM  
Blogger calm one said...

Oh yeah, never thought of the Xmas part during term time. Probably will turn out to be an interesting experience... but I'll probably just disappear during that period - hearing all the meaningless merry christmases will probably drive me nuts!

8:18 PM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Michelle: I hardly get any gifts for anyone too. Haha. But with those suggestions, maybe some people will be getting small presents this Christmas. Haha.

Bubble, Fat Fingers: Yeah! Going to school in December is just so wrong. What is the world coming too? *Sigh*

Calm: Yeah.. It'll be interesting. There's bound to be something going in the at the Atrium. And for the first time I'll be greeting my classmates, "Merry Christmas!".

2:37 PM  

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