Wednesday, November 03, 2004

An Honest Father-Son Conversation

This quote is so funny that I'm dedicating this entire post to it.

LordChewy> so my dad found my porn folder
LordChewy> and he was getting all pissed
LordChewy> so its all like "does this surprise you? i'm not stupid you know"
LordChewy> "i know dad"
LordChewy> "what do you have to say for yourself?"
LordChewy> at this point i stare at him straight in the eyes and say "C:Documents and SettingsRickyMy Documentsfaxessent faxes"
LordChewy> and he just shut up
kingKahn> what is it?
LordChewy> its his porn folder

HAHAHA~ If you were the dad, what would you do next?


Blogger Bubblemunche said...

I'll say: "That's supposed to be your mum's secret lah, you goondu!"

10:16 PM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Hahaha.. I'd NEVER EVER want to get myself into a situation like that.

1:59 PM  
Blogger siew&stinky * said...

If I were his dad I would be saying, "let's trade some files..." ;)

4:46 PM  

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