Thursday, October 14, 2004

Designer Guys Gays Guys

Tomorrow's my programming paper and I haven't studied! Crap. So why am I here blogging away? Well it's because I'm real good at procrastinating. Right now I'm watching Designer Guys on Channel 5.

It's showing weekdays 12:30pm, Channel 5.

Those guys are good,I tell you. If you haven't watched it before it's one of those shows where they do a makeover and re-decorate a room in your house. The way they re-decorate is better than any other show I've ever seen. They not only remake the room, but they change the entire atmosphere with lighting and even go into the smallest details like making your dogs are comfortable with the new setting.

And I have to say I not only enjoy the show because of the way they remake the room, but because the guy on the left is gay, or acts like one. No, I'm not gay and I am not turned on by men, but it's because the way he acts sometimes cracks me up. You know, he'll act real sissy and say things like,

"Awww.. I'm feeling a group hug coming up!"

Then again, both of them might be gay, how would I know? But if they really are, it would really be a waste. 2 good-looking guys who have their own show, are rich and know how to decorate your home, I'm sure they'd be any girl's dream man.


Blogger A Popcorn Addicted Shopaholic said...

Hmmm, I haven't not watched this show before (and i guess not in the near future unless i bring a tv to my office during lunchtime) and if memory serves me right, there was (or is) another show featureing home improvements and u got it! it's hosted by a gay-looking guy and he's pretty good at it (i mean the show..). Makes me wonder if gays (or rather gay-lookalikes) make better homemakers?

7:52 PM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Yeah, that seems to be the case. If you're gay or a metrosexual, you're better at these kind of things. I guess that's why the government is hiring more openly gay people. LoL~

9:41 PM  

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