Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Death Of Superman

Wohoo! Finally submitted my TOR on Monday! Feeling much better now that I've got nothing on my back. Although the exams are still to come, I'm going to take a few days off to relax. Like today! I've spent the whole day playing on my Playstation. Slashing and cutting people in Way of The Samurai 2. In fact I played so much that I'm having a bit of a backache now. =( Anyway, now that I have much more free time, I can blog more. =) The only thing is, I'm feeling a bit lazy to blog nowadays.

Today I just heard that Christopher Reeve had passed away at the age of 52. I was surprised when I heard the news because I thought he was coping fine despite his paralysis after the his accident. Just a few days earlier, I read an entry of Maddox's on Christopher Reeve. Take a look.

Here's an excerpt:

Christopher Reeve is was an asshole.

Why is Reeve an asshole?

Simple: because he's selfish. Reeve didn't give a shit about paralysis before his accident, but now that he's paralyzed, suddenly he opens up a paralysis foundation and cares about the plight of cripples? Where was his foundation in '95 when he played the role of a man with spinal cord injury? Sure, some of you might argue that he's doing a good thing by bringing attention to paralysis, but the underlying message being sent here is that nobody gives a shit about cripples until a celebrity becomes one.

I think the whole entry makes sense. Although I feel bad about agreeing with Maddox, with the recent death of Christopher Reeve, I've got to raise my hand and say he's got a point.

It's funny how people only start to look around and care about the world around them when something bad happens. I guess humans are like that. We only care about something when it directly involves or affects us.

3 weeks without eggs and then people start complaining and saying how much they miss their eggs. Well, ever thought about the people starving around the world who have never even tasted an egg before? Surely they need the eggs more than we do. I'm sure a few weeks without eggs never killed anyone.

There was even a case not too long ago where a man injured himself when he slipped and fell in the rain at the Singapore Island Country Club carpark. Unable to get up, he lay there for 20 minutes before someone helped him. What really makes ticks me off though, is that people saw him lying there but did nothing. They drove by and even the person who parked in the adjacent parking space saw him, but did nothing to help. When asked, the reason given was that he/she (I'm not sure if it was a man or a woman) though the injured man was lying there to "chope" the parking space!

That is the worst excuse I have ever heard. It's worse than "the dog ate my homework" excuse. At least it's possible that your dog might eat your homework (it has happened to me before). But seeing a person lying down in the middle of a carpark, in the middle of the pouring rain and saying that you thought he was reserving the parking space, that has got to the biggest piece of bullsh*t I've ever heard.

Well maybe they didn't help him because of these reasons:

Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Help Someone Lying Down in the Rain in Your Exclusive Country Club

1. He may not be a member.

2. Even if he’s a member, he may have fallen down in the non-member’s section.

3. He fell down on a double yellow line.

4. It’s raining, mah, and my expensive designer clothes may get wet.

5. Some more, I just manicured my nails.

6. Maybe he peng san because he ate some dodgy chicken and wait suay-suay he pass bird flu on to me, then how?

7. I was just preserving his image. This is a very prestigious club and it’s very LC to be seen as needing someone else’s assistance.

8. I was already late for my tee off.

9. He wouldn’t sign the waiver of liability that my lawyer insisted I obtain before helping him.

10. That’ll teach him to wear such lao ya shoes that can slip in the rain so easily.

11. He got no chauffeur to help him, meh? Tsk tsk, the club’s admission standards are falling.

12. I already showered, and I do’wan to sweat again picking him up.

13. Let the staff pick him up, lah. Pay such expensive membership fees for what?

14. Help one person once, and soon people will be falling down all over the shop all the bleddy time. I don’t want to encourage more of this sort of careless behaviour in the club. It’s a real slippery slope.

15. Wait people see me and all the time I’ve spent building up my reputation as a tough, hard-hearted, ruthless businessman will be wasted.

16. Aiyah, I thought he was only a staff member.

17. Singaporeans simply must learn how to stand on their own two feet.

18. People faint here all the time after finding out how much club membership costs.

Hahaha. Oh well, I'm dozing off as I type this entry right now, so I'll end here. Tomorrow I'm going for a sushi buffet! Yahoo!


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