Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another Day At Work

I just came back from work and I feeling really tired so I'm going to try and keep this entry short.

Today's banquet was pretty easy. The occasion was the founders' day of a certain girls school. Before it started, I was a bit nervous because it was only my 2nd time working for a banquet dinner. But I wasn't as nervous as the first time because this time we were able to do the portioning of the food at our side station, meaning we didn't have to portion the food in front of the guests.

When the doors opened and the guests started coming in, I saw something that I'd never seen before. Everywhere I looked, there were girls taking pictures. It wasn't that taking of pictures that was unusual. But it was the fact that it went on ALL NIGHT LONG. I mean, they just wouldn't stop. Even while we were serving the food, they would be standing around, taking pictures with their friends.

The good thing was that serving the food on the tables was a breeze because everybody was standing around so there was lots of space on the table itself. You just had to be careful while walking around with the food.

It was like a mini adventure navigating around the tables. Most of the time I was carrying orange drinks on the oval tray because it seemed like everybody was asking for it. You had to watch your path and make sure there was no one in the way. However, most of the time was you're walking, someone or a group will start taking a photo right in front of you and you have to quickly go another way. There were even times when I was trapped by girls taking pictures behind and to my right and left. It was only when someone speaking or performing on stage that they stopped.

I don't blame them though. It's only natural for girls to want to take lots of nice pictures on special occasions like these when they dress up. If I was one of them, I'd be taking photos too.

I actually thought of finding a replacement for my work today because I didn't really feel like working. But I'm glad I didn't. After all, what could be better than being surrounded by over 700 pretty girls?


Blogger Dennis said...

which hotel's banquet department are you working in? your description super familiar... probably the same place as where i spent my internship.

2:47 PM  
Blogger Mr Moron said...

Next time you are doing a function like this where you are surrounded by 700 girls, please ask me along too ok. Got good stuff must share mah.

3:10 PM  
Blogger Laughingcow said...

Ah, I know this girls' school you're talking about; I studied there for 10 years. ;) I remember the photo-taking -- we hardly touched our food. But it's interesting to see things through someone else's eyes. Some things never change. :)

3:11 PM  
Blogger Claris said...

lemme tip you. my 2.5 yrs in the banquet line has taught me..

1) offer only 1 drink to ur table. when ur guest sits, dont ask, wad drinks u like sir/mdm, just ask, with a pitcher of choice of drink, ie: coke, "Any coke for you sir/mdm?" and 90% will say, yes. tadah, most of ur table drinks coke. :)

2) if u r required to change plate everytime, put the plates on the susan, and distribute upon e next dish arrives. the guests will help themselves to the plates. if u have to serve them, dish out 1 by 1, chances of u dishing out this time, is low, as they will help themselves.

3) cant tink of any right now. but i had alot of fun as a banquet waitress. the mean stuff, the scary stuff, the funny stuff, the 'eat anaconda' stuff, the steal food stuff. blah. many!

9:59 PM  
Blogger Jayaxe said...

Oh man, you sure every single one of them is pretty?! Or is it like 700 pretty ones out of say 2000?

11:01 PM  
Blogger A.Ball.of.Yarn said...

700 pretty girls??? this must be the next best thing to having your own harem.

1:24 AM  
Blogger Zen|th said...

Dennis: Hmm.. I'd rather not say. Don't want anybody finding out my identity. Haha.

Mr Moron: Sure thing. If I know ahead of time, I'll call you. =)

LaughingCow: Yeah. I was surprised that they didn't touch their food. I actually heard someone saying, "Come let's go eat. I'm hungry already."

Claris: Those are some good tips. I shall do that the next time I work. =)

Jayaxe: There were around 750+ guests. Excluding the older people, I estimate around 700 girls/young women were there. I can't really tell if all of them were pretty, but the ones that were on my tables were.

Ball.of.yarn: If only they really were. Hahaha.

2:27 AM  

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