Saturday, January 27, 2007

Chill In The Air

It's cold. And I hate the cold.

I'm really more a hot person than a cold one. Meaning to say if I had a choice, I'd rather melt to death than get my balls frozen. Unfortunately, it's the winter season right now and even though the weather here in southern California is supposed to be the best in the United States, it's still as cold as a polar bear's ass. What's more, it rained yesterday making it even colder, not to mention wet as well.

Coming from a tropical island, one of the first things I always feel as soon as I step out of the airport into the open air is the lack of humidity. That's the reason why you hardly feel sticky when you're over here; because all your sweat dries up so quickly. That's the good part about the weather here.

What really gets to me though, isn't the low temperatures, but the chill that's in the air.

When you breathe normally it's not too bad, but as soon as you start running and panting, the cold air starts filling your lungs like ice cold water in a cup. After that you start to feel as if there's not enough oxygen going in and that your lungs are being constricted.

But of course, there's nothing constricting your lungs. It's all a matter of getting acclimatized I guess.

Now that I'm here and I'll be staying for a while, I want to get a job. Rather than sit down in front of my laptop and do nothing all day, I'd rather earn some money and keep myself occupied. At least when I bring back to Singapore, it'll multiply at least 1.5. My friend of mine says his company is currently hiring, so I'll probably check it out next week.

Man, I'm starving. It's time to go scavenge around in the kitchen.


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