Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The 3 Gods Of The Internet

I've always told people that there are 3 gods of the internet.

First, there's Google, which definitely has achieved internet godlike status. Then there's Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia where you can find information on almost anything. Sometime back, it gathered some controversy due to it's open editing process which allows anyone to edit it's articles. And finally, there's YouTube, which I'm sure needs no explaining.

Well now, 2 of these gods are merging.

Google to acquire YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock

As soon as I told some of my friends about it, they were worried that YouTube might no longer be free, but that definitely won't happen because the free sharing of videos is one YouTube's key reasons for success. After the merger, I don't think that YouTube will be changing that much. Google will try to find ways insert advertising into the site to gather revenue like Adsense. Also with YouTube, they'll be able to tap into a wealth of user information, much more than their competitors Yahoo and Microsoft.

Here's more information which I got from Digg.

It'll be interesting what happens with YouTube and Google from here on.


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